A tale of woe

G'day all!

Oh what a tale of woe!

I am using Nathan's computer whilst he is out. My computer won't boot. Earlier in the week it crashed the browser repeatedly, to the point where I relogged in to my yhaoo! account 5 time in half an hour. So Nathan tried to fix it and now it won't work at all... Woe is me!

Plus my elderly father had a fall and broke his hip and is not in a good way so I am all in a dither. I think I'll have to drive to Geelong (about 1.5 hours away) to see him. I don't want him pegging it without me seeing him. But I won't get there until the end of visiting hours now cos it is peak hour as I write this and it will take an extra hour for the trip. I hate driving in peak hour traffic too, particularly as I have a manual car.

On the good side, our housemate is now our ex-housemate. Hooray! Her behaviour has been causing quite a great deal of stress. Now we have the place to ourselves - it is too big for only two but for the time being it is just right!

I have been madly knitting - currently the sleeve for a cardie for me. I am using a pattern out of 1,000 Sweaters, just to see how it goes. No I am not using the yarn called for - either Jaeger or Rowan. Can't afford that! BUt some good Bendi cotton, well that is the ticket, plus a ball of cotton I picked up at Wondoflex when I bought me a niddy-noddy to skein up my spun yarn. I had a spinning frenzy on the weekend and spun up some yarn at a Thanksgiving dinner (no I am not American but American friends wanted some friends to join them for dinner. And no I couldn't have any turkey cos it had normal breadcrumb stuffing - no turkey for thanksgiving!). People were absolutely fascinated by the spinning. I am making a Boobie scarf for my MIL, and I still haven't done the neckband of the baby jacket nor sew all the seams together. BAD me!

Honest, I will get pics soon but at present my computer stuff is all out of whack and I can't access some of my files from Nathan's machine cos it thinks it is naughty for him to see half of the pics I've taken...

Well that is it for the time being. Hopefully Nathan will work out why my machine leeps looking for a hard disk that doesn't exist and I'll get my machine back soon!



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