oh no! No image hosting over Christmas!

G'day all!

Well I am a very bad blogger. I have plenty to say but no time to say it in. By breakfast tomorrow I have to seam up the baby jacket and the pilchers. I have to get a jazzy scarf done by lunchtime. The boobie scarf is finished and wrapped for the MIL. I took pictures, along with pictures of the scarves I am giving various of the women who will be at our Thredbo Christmas party.

I would've gotten everything ready except that we frantically tidied the house tonight and got ready for the rellos to come around, except they didn't. They thought they had cancelled, but I didn't think they had - nathan's cousin called saying she was working and could she do it some other time? I didn't realise that meant her brother and her parents wouldn't come either. As it turned out, her brother had a prang (well he didn't really cos he wasn't driving at the time...) and her mum's car blew up tonight so they had no way to get here. But we only found this out at 8:45 this evening, when I was getting *very* hungry.

So instead of tidying, I could've been knitting and sewing together baby clothes! I would've been much happier. I also would not have cut my finger on a knife whilst doing three loads of dishes.

Topping it off nicely, there is not point me putting up pics cos my image host is being brought down for Christmas. It is a university machine and they have a rule that all non-essential machines be turned off for the Christmas break. Eeek! Hope that doesn't mean until after New Year! How will my blog survive?

Ah well. At least we don't have a basement. This means no pipes can burst in it because of the cold, unlike what happened to the Yarn Harlot. Of course if pipes burst here in Melbourne because of the cold, it would be *extremely* unusual because it never freezes here.

I hope to blog quickly tomorrow before we take off for the wild blue yonder. Thredbo is roughly 7-8 hours drive from here so we are driving 300km tomorrow night and then enjoying the rest of the drive (after taking on the mad Christmas rush of shopping on Friday morning) up into the mountains.



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