G'day all!

It's been over a week since my last post. Sooo many things have happened. Topping it off nicely my computer access was dodgy and blogger wouldn't let me in and then I forgot what I wanted to say. Still can't remember but DEAL!

We have some pics on the menu today. I am going to show off the things I have been doing, except for one thing because it is for a friend for Christmas. Maybe I will show it off later. Maybe I won't. I can be a naughty tease sometimes!

Firstly the baby gear - the "soakers" or baby bottoms or golly, what did mum call them? Pilchers!


You'll have to wait to see the jacket - somehow the front is longer than the back, though they were the same length before I steam-blocked them.... Oha nd the pilchers aren ot yet seamed either...

The lovely sleeve knitted of some randomly coloured "baby pastels" cotton that I recently and the Bendi cotton I got way back in July. This is a pattern from 1000 Sweaters. It uses a *moss stitch* cuff - any Americans probably call it seed stitch. I am Australian. I call it moss stitch.

Pink and blue and green and white moss stitch cuff

Note the pretty colours of the cuff. The Bendi cotton is very matt whilst the other appears mercerised and quite shiny.

A scarf made from the odd ends of a lot of different yarns using a multidirectional diagonal pattern. I think I will send to a friend in England who particularly likes turquoise (gosh she has good taste!):


There are lots of different textures in the scarf and it seemed quite warm around my neck the other day.


Three bags of much bling. OK, three bags that are not yet finished. I'd like to sell these ones, once they are put together!
black bling bag

yellow and green bling bag

blue and purple bling bag

I made some gelati - ever so simple! 3 cups of fruit puree, 1/4 cup sugar and 2 egg whites. Only it turned into a monster as it churned and came exploding (slowly) out the top and everywhere else!

the gelati that ate Melbourne

Finally, the skies here have been like this a lot:

blue clouds over Clayton

Only often with lightning bolts - suddenly it seems we have moved to Sydney and are getting subtropical weather. A huge low pressure system is bringing warm/hot moist air down from the top of Queensland - that is three or four thousand kilometres away!

For those who want to know, it seems my father is getting better. Hooray! There has been plenty else happening at Casa Shandley recently but I think I'll leave it there for today.



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