Starting to feel a bit silly.

Hello to my reader! I think I have one. Gosh how privileged am I?

Still haven't gotten all the pics from Saturday ready to blog. Maybe tomorrow. But tomorrow is for wedding dress making cos Nathan is out in the evening. I have to see how much I can get finished cos I only have twelve, yes count them TWELVE days before it gets its big outing!

Today was an interesting day. We had 10mm of rain overnight and it was pretty gloomy this morning. I crawled out of bed nice and early to get to work early enough to set up training at 10am. As it turned out, I needed to get in at about 6am to overcome the obstacles that suddenly reared their ugly heads.

Eg the good photocopiers suddenly decided to be really really really bad photocopiers. The print quality was not what I have come to expect from them. Indeed, I could have (and that is correct grammar, kiddies, none of this could of - it is could have) thrown toner on the pages and ironed them with almost the same effect. After half an hour of wrangling with them (including ten minutes of shutting one down and restarting it), I threw out the copies I had done and went to the slow photocopier. This copier inexplicably was copying almost perfectly - there has to be a first time for everything. But it took half an hour to copy all the stuff I needed. Then the person co-running the training gave me another 10 sheets of stuff to copy.... My team mate had accidentally locked the laptop last time she used it so I couldn't download the presentation onto it (yes yes, we should have done that last week but it was still being signed off at 6pm on Friday....), and I couldn't get her mobile number so I got her good friend's work number but she was on leave in Adelaide and had lost her mobile anyway. Marnie had given her mobile to her husband anyway this morning. We located another laptop and loaded the presentation on just as Marnie arrived. Typical! LOL.

But it was alright on the night - we had almost set up just as the first person showed up. I just had to full screen the presentation and we were ready to rock and roll!

Have to say I was totally knackered by the end of it.

Your fibre content for the day is this - the almost completed scarf. It has to be gently fulled now. It has gone from the luscious ball of Hot Stuff:
Hot Ball
to this amazing strip of scarfy goodness: Hot Scarf

Tomorrow, if I get time, we will look at some stash enhancement, the mad Spaniard and maybe a few pics from Saturday.



  1. Well, if you had one reader then, you've got 2 now!! Love the Hot Stuff - after The Big Day, we must talk about dyeing - I have some suitable candidates, but neither the time nor the inclination (not to mention the pots, pans and powder) to add dyeing to the List of Things to Make and Do!
    I'm very glad I don't have training daze at work anymore - one of those little joys in life I definitely don't miss, LOL.


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