Birthday brightness

It was Nathan's birthday on the 26th. Since I can't talk about what we did yesterday, as the pics are only now being downloaded and we have to go to a birthday dinner shortly, you'll have to make do with this:
do not adjust your monitors - lurid yarn


Not that I have any readers yet anyway! This is some thick and thin yarn I bought from Marta's Yarns and dyed up in some of Nathan's favourite colours. The scan is not so great but i've played with the colours to make it a bit more representative. Yes it really is wool that changes from yellow to red, with a bit of deeper reddy pink in it to make it a bit more sunsetty. By the end of tonight it will probably be a scarf, but it will need to be blocked and felted a little to make it work well.

Maybe tomorrow I can show off what we did yesterday - a lovely drive up to Cement Creek.



  1. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Hi Lynne
    This is Lynne from Craftee Cottage.
    had fun reading your blogger thingo.
    What is a blog?
    How do I set up one.
    Could be fun sharing my hopes and dreams with the world!
    There is a new fast train from Kalgoorie to Perth. Cut the travel time by heaps (according to a friend who lives there) Could be woth while.
    Pic of wedding were great. YOu looked fab in the stunning dress and wild hair.
    Well done.
    Well here goes I will press publish and who knows you may have another reader.


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