The speed of three

(with apologies to Yarn Harlot's Speed of Four)

Today I was waiting for a connecting train at Richmond station. Three minutes I had to wait, according to the station announcement. In that time, I managed to count up how many stitches I needed to cast on from the other mitten cuff, cast on 36 stitches and knitted three rows of 1X1 rib. It was rather chilly and my fingers were rather stiff, it being winter still in Melbourne and all.

Then another train pulled up and a heap of people poured off it. They wanted the same connecting train as me. The station announcement was made. Next direct service in three minutes.

Could it be that the station announcer lied when he said the next direct service was in three minutes? Did he really mean six? Or was my knitting so blindingly fast that I managed to do all that knitting in no time flat? How much knitting can I really get done in three minutes?


My first ever blog entry. Not that I expect anyone will ever notice it 8-)

Maybe tomorrow I will enthuse about the spinning I've been doing. It is way cool. So my spindle is a bit wobbly. I am getting some real purty yarn off it.


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