A severe case of startitis

G'day all!

I'm suffering from a severe case of startitis.  I have all these things I would like to do and make but I can't even get them started!  So many yummy things, so little time to do them, plus I really should finish off the quilt that is currently being free-motion quilted (well not *literally* being quilted at the moment cos that would need a computerised long arm chugging away, and it is just me and my sewing machine and I do not have four arms and eyes in the back of my head let alone the coordination to type and quilt at the same time), finish Nathan's birthday socks (only a month and a bit late), finish a summer top even though it is definitely Fall now, plot the new woolly makings for winter, baste another quilt all ready for quilting and finish off a couple of wall hangings for the bedroom, book myself into three different knitting/spinning events coming up very soon... What I really need is a bad case of finishitis!

A little idea of the quilt

Also some of you might be waiting for pics of my most recently finished quilt.  Alas I have nowhere to hang it up for decent pics and the mornings have been a bit foggy or I've been distracted or DH has had to leave early so I've not gotten good shots of the quilt yet.  It is very challenging to try to hold up a single (twin) bed size quilt and get shots of it by yourself.

So over on the OldRedBarnCo quiltalong group on Flickr, we have a challenge happening.  Go and read up about it.  I'm thinking I might do something a bit more freestyle than I've ever done before, more art quilt but again, need time to do it!  Plus there is a Tula Pink quilt thing happening and I've got a bit of her fabric and her new book and well, how many quilts can I pump out in a month?  Plus I have my biggest and bestest quilt back from the quilter and it needs a binding then it is done... OMG, so much to play with so little time...

Sunsets are getting pretty again, and visible from home

Speaking of so much to play with, I sorted out my fabric yesterday.  I have a good size shopping bag to go off to the op shop (thrift store).  All of it is decent lengths of fabric.  Some might say why aren't I taking pics and swapping it or selling it and I say because I am lazy!  It is much too much effort.  After reorganising I've pretty much gotten rid of two 66qt tubs, despite having a now tamed mountain of fabric that was running feral around the lounge room.  There is now space on the shelves for the yarn I am bagging into Space Bags.  I won't say how much fabric I have left, but let's put it this way, if the apocalypse falls upon us, as long as I don't run out of thread, we will be quite colourfully dressed for quite some time to come.  The hand sewing will be a pita but I've got patterns and fabric and a few zips, might need to stock up on elastic for undies though....  I think the fabric would rot before I could hand sew my way through it all.  Anyway, it was quite terrifying, seeing how much fabric I have accumulated, having it all out and staring at me.  It really did scare me.  I am going to try to be somewhat more selective about what I absolutely must must must have, and also I am going to start using fabrics that are older just so that if I need prints from that range, I still have a chance of getting them!

I also thinned out my clothes.  I have so many tshirts I don't know what to do with them all.  As my faves wear out, I either cut out the print or scan it and then use whatever is left as rags.  If I buy a top and find that I can't wear it for more than an hour or two (anything that binds my right armpit = increased swelling in my arm = bad) off it goes off to the op shop.  Normally I take the bus there but with three bags of donations, I think the car is in order!

Dogwoods have fruit?  Not the ones I saw in California....

Speaking of buses, our bus that used to go from very close to us to Nathan's work was taken away.  In good news, it was replaced by a bus that has a different route - it goes through Fremont and then goes past Nathan's work.  Only problem?  He has to walk a WHOLE BLOCK rather than half a block from our place to catch it now.  But the new stop is right next to one of his preferred coffee shops so it isn't all bad.  Plus I know that stop is relatively sheltered in bad weather.

The weather has remained absolutely amazing.  I would think I am in California again, though the evenings are getting a bit cool now.  The days are drawing in rapidly too.  Heady days of the sun being up after 9pm are long gone now - soon it will be set by half-six and not long after that by 5pm!  But whilst the weather holds, I have to get out and enjoy it.

Docks almost under the Aurora Bridge
I have forgotten something that is Extremely Cool that I must blog about, but it is getting late and I should to bed.  If I am sharing with you on G+ then you already know what it is.  If not, I shall have to leave you on tenterhooks, wondering what it could be.



  1. I am on tenterhooks... I agree about taking your excess stuff to the op shop, it is way too much trouble to be selling it, taking photos, posting it etc. And someone will be grateful and excited at a bargain. Your quilt looks fabulous, we need more than a sneak peek.
    Poor Nathan, that extra walk must be wearing him out!!

  2. And, yo8r quilt challenge is such a great idea. I love both sites mentioned. I love looking at colours.

  3. What a super idea - I think I'd better have a clear out, too. I love the quilt-a-long idea.


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