new socks, surprise!

G'day all!

It is amazing how much knitting one can do whilst sitting on a plane. No matter how much we aussies love to knock Qantas, the inflight entertainment is pretty darned good, the food isn't too crappy either and you have plenty of time to knit most of a sock whilst watching a doco on human growth and eventual death (I admit, I cried), three or four episodes of Downton Abbey, an ep of Sherlock Holmes, then a movie that was obviously so memorable that I have already forgotten it... It only took another hour or so to finish it.

On the way back, I nearly finished its not quite pair.

Most gratifying :-)



  1. Enforced knitting time, how nice!!! Very cute girly socks!!

  2. That's great to hear that you were able to knit. I'd heard only recently that Qantas still banned it. Or maybe that's just on some flights?

  3. Lots of knitting time while people bring food and you get to watch TV. Sounds good to me. Interestly enough I haven't done any long flights since being a sewing person, sewer is not a good word... Very cool socks!!


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