May the fourth

be with you, always.

G'day all!

May the fourth has really taken off.  It was all over the news channels when I went to the gym today.  People on Ravelry are asking what order to watch SW dvds in (my answer - 456123 cos if I did it in chronological, not filming, order, I'd get bored partway into Ep 1 and wander off and not get to see Star Wars (I'm old fashioned and call it what it was when I first saw it waaaaay back when it was first released).  Star Wars is still probably my very favouritest movie ever.  And if you read this blog much, you'll know how much difficulty I have picking favourites).

We've had a miserable couple of days here in Seattle.  Rain, rain and more blasted rain, except this morning when it seemed ok.  HA!  I went off to the gym and then it has pretty much rained nonstop ever since, which rather annoyed me as I had to go pick up some photos and needed to have them put in a plastic bag.  And I didn't have a brolly or a jacket with a hood with me.

I have finally found some buttons I like for the cardigan I've been knitting for a while.  I've already worn it, sans buttons, at the wedding brunch.  It didn't got with the rest of my outfit - I have the horrible habit of making lovely knitted stuff that doesn't go with the rest of what I have.  You would think I would learn, but no.  Given I like to knit blue, mauve, purple and pink stuff for me, with the occasional rainbow thing, and given those are the colours I prefer to wear, you really would think something would be matchy-matchy but no....

Eksqeeeze the blur, the good photo hasn't uploaded
 I have finished the chemo cap I made for our BC group on Ravelry.  One of the ladies is late in stage IV (ie terminal) and since we can do little for her, we are making hats for the patients at the cancer centre she attended.  It does fit around my head but for purposes of photo taking, I just stuck it on top.  At the point where the round starts (that would be the funny sorta line straight up the centre of the hat, if you hadn't already worked that out).

Since it is Spring here, I thought I would start growing some seeds - lots of basil, some coriander, some beans and peas...  Well, I just plain did not think that some critters would want to share.  I'm growing the things on a balcony and it never occurred to me that the local grey squirrel or one of the starlings or maybe even the house finches or whatever they are would decide they would be some good tucker...

Some of the basil should be ok, I know there are coriander seeds still and the peas are quite obvious, though I am sure I did not plant them in the small peat pots...  Back to the drawing board and this time get some chicken mesh!  Or I can get small plants, but $3 for two basil plants seems like such a rip off!

Another weekend is rocking up in an hour - time is flying.  Totally whizzing past.  I'm told it gets faster as you get older, and I am quite worried.  Soon I will blink my eyes and a year will have passed.  As long as I keep getting years, I think I shall be content!



  1. Definitely 456123. It's like reading the PERN books in chronological rather than publishing order- or Chronicles of Narnia. I would have given up after 1. I like to think 1 2 3 don't really exist actually. Quite happy with 4 5 6.
    Nice hat, and nice reason too. Very kind.
    That rascally squirrel or whatever.
    Oh no, you must quickly make some matching things!!! Hurray for the buttons, though.

  2. The days do fly by, I must be getting older. Love the hat youve made, such pretty by cheery colours.


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