Still no rest for the wicked!

G'day all!

I'm back. Things are settling down some. It's been a fun couple of weeks but we think we are getting back to a new normal. And it is a good place to be.


I've been flat chat, what with working, doing quiltalongs and stuff with DH. Yes he is still DH - he thinks he went a bit mental a month ago and did some things he now rather regrets. We are currently in Melbourne.

It is a year and a week since the day my chemo started. I am rather pleased to be a year on from it. So far so good, but in another week I have a CT scan and then in two Tuesdays' time I go to the clinic to get my results and see how I am going. I've already done the blood screening - - I am getting all sorts of cancer markers read. It isn't quite the standard thing but I'm also part of a study and my cancer is a high risk one so I guess I get extra care! At least I don't need to have a mammo - the CT scan will probably show more and will show up any mets. I think if you squished the poor affected part at the moment, it would complain quite vociferously (or at least make me squeal like a pig - six months after surgery it is still sore on and off and I'm told it might be sore for a long time yet!). If I think too much about it, I freak cos my cancer is/was a reasonably bad one but freaking won't help me (and may make things worse) so I distract myself away from it.


I started seeing a personal trainer too - my boss likes me going along with her cos then she is forced to go an extra day per week. I thought I was going to fall off the stationary bike on Wednesday I worked so hard! But I didn't and I'm still here to tell the tale.

Knitting is going slowly. I am working on a cardigan that is worked from the top down. The yoke took a good few days to do then getting to the armpits... 322 stitches per row take a long time to knit. I'm down to 200 and something stitches now and running for the waist. I would show you pictures but despite having about 20 sets of rechargeable batteries, I umm lost the charger last week... ooops.

I've done lots of sewing, despite competing with DH for the sewing machine. Quilt tops are relatively quick to make - it is a pity that it then takes me so long to get the rest done!


The garden is going ballistic - we've had so. much. rain. Normally we get not much rain in Feb and March (and not a whole lot in January either) but in the first six weeks of this year, we've had over 160mm (over 6") compared to the usual maybe 60mm if we are lucky.


Thanks, ex Cyclones Anthony and Yasi for dumping the remains of your moisture on us! Anyway, I can't keep up with the weeds and the grass. I whipper snipped (weed whacked/strimmed) some grass in the front yard a week ago and two days ago was already over 4" tall again.

(Mmmm, homegrown corn :-)

Wish me luck in finding the battery charger. It normally lives in one particular power point but I had t0 move it to plug something else in and given how much flux there is around here at present, I'll be lucky to see it for a while...



  1. I hope you have found your charger now?? I regularly loose thing, I must be going madder!!
    Glad all is going along much more happily for you both.
    Yes, the tops of quilts are easy and fun, the rest can seem like hard work!!
    I hope all your results are excellent and that no squishing of anything is required!!

  2. Glad things are getting better. I am amused at the thought of your DH on the sewing machine - do you think he could get pao knitting?

  3. So pleased things are a bit easier for you currently (with the spouse, I mean) and I'm sending lots of calming, happy, healthy zen vibes your way for the next few weeks.

    Loving your quiltage and I can't for the life of me imagine what 322 stitches looks like on a set of pins!!!!

  4. You have been busy on lots of fronts really. Planning on slowing down one day soon?
    The quilt looks wonderful!


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