Good news, for me

G'day all!

Thanks for the good wishes.

Blood tests and CT scan came back clear. Hooray!

Next blood test is three months away, then another blood test and CT scan in six months, etc.

Now I can focus on other things.

To our cousins across the Tasman, we are thinking of you, particularly those in and around Christchurch. Christchurch is devastated, many are dead, many more are homeless. We love to pick on Kiwis (just like big brothers and sisters pick on smaller siblings) but we will stand with you when the chips are down.

I am thinking of making up a quick quilt or two with some of the stash I have (then I am allowed to buy more fabric! Hoooray!) to send across to NZ. Never fear, it will take me a good month to get one done. I have some good ideas for some pretty quick things, like this quilt Melody is making. I have some strips of fabric all ready cut and could get a top together easily enough and a back, it is just getting the quilting done that is hard! But such a quilt would be quilted with straight (ok, I will admit it, WONKY) lines and that makes it a little easier to get done. I want to do something to help, though I didn't for the earlier quake and I couldn't do much for the Queensland floods (since DH went potty at the same time, not to the loo for you Americans but barmy, mad, loopy, and I had too little time and too much to do).

Pictures of current makings will follow - it has been a weird few days of much too cold weather for this time of year. We have to expect whackiness more and more often with climate change.



  1. I am so pleased for you!! Happy days indeed!! Oh that's a lovely quilt, though I could never get the sewing so beautifully straight. I saw the newsflash soon after it happened, it is awful. Poor people in NZ. You are right, we do have that relationship with NZ, nobody else had better pick on them!!!

  2. Cindy beat me to it! Am very pleased to hear your news, Lynne. Been there too many times with my sister. Perhaps it was related to the lymphodoema.

    Quilts would be lovely. It gets very cold in Christchurch in winter, snow sometimes too.

    I have a friend whose house was slightly damaged in September. However, like many others from there, she has been traumatised by the literally thousands of aftershocks.

    I've just found out she's OK, but have heard nothing about house. However, she's just devastated psychologically. I sent her a Brangian shawl before and have been collaborating with a few others as to what we can do this time.

  3. I am so happy to hear that all your tests came back clear! I feel bad for the people in NZ and I think I might knit or crochet some blankets and send them over.

  4. I am so pleased for you, Lynne; that is the most fantastic news and I can just imagine how relieved you are. Celebrate, enjoy, party, and treat yourself to more yarn and fabric!

    We have a friend working temporarily in Christchurch since the last 'quake. He finally sent us a SMS last night to say he is fine though feeling "shaken & stirred", narrowly escaped being trapped in a building, water is scarce, but beer wasn't! I think his plans for changing his temporary status to "gone home to Oz" will be on hold, as his work involves building assessment & safety!

  5. OH! This is excellent news! I'm so glad to hear it.

  6. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Excellent news re: tests!
    I am so pleased for you!

  7. Yay for good tests. It is so awful what is happening in NZ. We know a couple who emigrated there last year but have since heard they are ok. Very scary.

  8. Wonderful to hear Lynne,hope everything else is looking up too!!Love your quilts I wish I had time to do/finiah mine,LOL

  9. Really delighted to hear your good news :)


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