Mental note to self #umpteen

For me, raw beetroot is a strong purgative.


I've had very small amounts of raw beetroot before and thought it was rather nice. So I made a nice raw beetroot and carrot salad as part of tea. It was very enjoyable.

Two hours later, well the troubles started! The most interesting side effect was how wobbly my legs went. That is an issue in itself as one has to move relatively quickly when "the moment" comes along.

It is now 1:30am and I'm hoping I can go to bed soon. Am very tired, rather dehydrated but cannot do more than sip water.

PS. If anyone knows where I put any of our battery chargers, please let me know. We used to have three, I got rid of one cos the batteries didn't seem to charge well in it, and I've seen both of the other two in the last 10 days but can't find them at all now.... The phone takes adequate pics but the camera does much better as one might expect from a one trick pony.


  1. Mental note to make that for pao.

  2. Ooooh. Nasty. Sorry to hear you had such a rough learning experience. Hope you've managed to get some good rest.

  3. See and that might come in useful one day for you to know but I'm guessing that's not the case right now.
    Hope you are all well and truly recovered now.


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