Winners are grinners, Jan 2015 version

G'day all!

I am so bad!  I didn't do the draw for the contest yesterday!  (I got a little bit busy cos it was a sunny day and I had lots to do outside.)

Blue skies after a weekend of unrelenting grey

So we had four commenters and with two calendars to give away, the odds are pretty good!  So I put the names into a hat and drew two out, and the winners are:



Pat Hensley!

Ladies, please send me your snail mail addresses to me at natiel311 on gmail.

I think I'll have to get back in the habit of posting small amounts often - I keep saving things up and then forgetting all about them!  I'm doing heaps of quilting at the moment, or at least building quilt tops and a bit of knitting, and I'm avoiding the housework...



  1. Hey! I'm a winner!! How cool is that!! Thanks Lynne


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