Did you hear that whizzing sound?

G'day all!

That whizzing sound is time flying right past.  I've not been posting much because I've been busy, oddly enough.  There's also two parts to the time flying by, but more on that later.  A happy, if a bit belated, New Year to you all!

Blurry reindeer

Christmas was super busy and I didn't have much access to my computer.  We did manage to get everything ready enough for MiL and FiL to have a relatively comfortable room, and we got various things out into the garage like the spare bed stuff and the organ pedals and now the lounge room doesn't look like a storage facility, yay!

Sweet tree

I picked up a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, about an hour and a half before Lowes shut.  I tried to go to the local nursery first but they shut 10, no five minutes before I got there.  Lowes gave me the tree for free - a nice little fir nearly six feet tall if you included the bare nubbly branch at the top, cleaned it up, loaded it and all!

Weirdest Christmas lights ever!  Not mine

Our Christmas lights

I guess that is a nice thank you for all the money we have spent there in the last six or so months after realising that Lowes was easier to get out of than Home Despot.  Not that they knew we had spent money there, they were just trying to not have to put trees in the dumpster...

Someone else's ball lights

It was a sweet little tree, now sadly consigned to a tree chipper which was munching up some street trees across the road.

Random sunset.  I see the waves going backwards.

I need to do a bit of catching up.  I've made various things, started various things, have been to see lots of things but well I've been busy.  At least it will give me blog fodder over the next while, as long as you don't mind old news!  And I'm going to stay away from what's happening in the world around us, if I can....

But in big news, for me at least?  It's now three years since we moved to Seattle.




How time does fly!

I think I'm a bit smitten by Seattle.  The winters suck dog's bits what with the grey and the short days, but that just makes the odd sunny day even more special.  I went back and looked at my first postings after moving here, and a) lots of whinging about the cold and b) lots of amazeballs about the scenery, when I can see it.

Nothing much has changed except I now cope a lot better with the cold - I've acclimatised.  10 C in winter and I'm running around with only a tshirt and fleecy on (and pants and shoes!).

Actually, I admit it, I'm a lot smitten by Seattle.  Oh the traffic sucks if you have to commute and the winters suck when they go grey and dull and we are a long way from home but this place is still being pretty good to us.  We can walk to everything that we really need, we can walk to a heap of things that we don't really need (but some are things that feed the soul, like the beach or the Locks or if I want to go further afield, the woods), many other things are a variable length drive away...

And then there is the scenery.  If you haven't already worked it out, a great deal of my solace and peace comes from the world around me (and not so much the people).  I also make stuff like crazy, I'm always making something but without a dose of the outdoors, I would be crazy.  Much as I'm a home body, I'm also someone who loves getting outside.  I even go for walks in the rain now!  I put my insulated rain coat on and my nice warm snow boots or my hiking boots, put the hood up on the jacket and off I go!  Mum would have a heart attack if she saw me without a brolly and actually choosing to go out in the rain!

To celebrate, I have two wall calendars to give away.  They feature various of the images scattered through this part of the post.  They won't have all the pics and they will have some other pics, all taken during 2014 and the very last part of 2013.

So to enter, tell me in the comments about what you like about where you live.  What makes it special?

G+ hasn't made my snow pics snowy this season.  Sigh.

On Monday morning around 9am my time in Seattle (so what is that, +8GMT?  Or +7?  Something like that) I will draw two lucky winners.  I will send the calendars anywhere in the world but if they go overseas, you will have to excuse me if they only go first class, not priority....  Good luck and leave a comment!  You gotta be in it to win it!  But make sure I've got your email or another way to contact you - it is annoying to have winners who can't be grinners when I can't tell them of their winnings!



  1. I live in South Carolina and I love it because we have short winters. And if it snows, it lasts about 1 or 2 days and then it is gone. So we get to enjoy white snow which looks so lovely and before it gets dirty, yellow and black, it all melts away! Usually days after a snow are sunny, mild temps, and wonderful! Spring and fall seasons are absolutely beautiful too. Wildflowers are abundant everywhere in the spring and the leaves turn gorgeous colors in the fall! SC is a great place to live!

    1. Hey Pat, you are a winner! Please send your snail mail addy to me at natiel311, I'm on gmail.

  2. Wow, Lynne, three years already! So cool that you are enjoying Seattle area so much...and your pics are simply spectacular! We are on the verge of leaving Berrima, I think, having spotted a house we may try to buy in a nearby village. We are pretty much over the huge mowing tasks of the present place...LOL! Not that I'm the one on the mower... Hope 2015 is a wonderful one for you. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year to you too!! Are they Christmas PIG lights?????? I can't believe it is three years. Time certainly does fly and I am glad you are happy in Seattle!!!

  4. Happy New Year Lynne! 3 years! time really has flown by!! I always enjoy seeing your part of the world, you take photos of the things I like, flowers, mountains, sunsets. One of the standout things here where I live are the birds. They've been extra abundant recently, I think they're all out and about with their young.

    1. Rachael, you are my other winner! Send me your snail mail addy please :-)


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