Are we there yet?

G'day all!

Moving house for us is like one of those interminable trips you did as a kid.

Are we there yet?


Are we there yet?


Are we there yet?


Are we there yet?


Argh all right already, I want this thing over and done with!  We haven't even moved most of the furniture or the boxes.  We have no idea where everything will go and we've farmed out a heap of stuff to a lovely friend.  This is the problem with moving from a place with three large closets to a place with one large closet and a coat cupboard.  We have lots of shelving too.

I think moving brings out the worst in people.  It certainly does in me.  I lose all patience with DH and get snappy, then apologetic, but honestly sometimes he just seems to lose all mental capacity, probably because he is stressed too.

Google likes to snowify some scenes.
Don't we have pretty houses to look at?

We have a habit of buying a small place and stuffing it full of Stuff.  One day I will learn!  In the meantime, I have to reduce my stashes of everything.  It doesn't mean no more buying of things, it just means not rabidly buying something because I can.  Plus this will mean more money for paying off mortgage or paying for improvements.

Sparkly trees!  Googled again.

I think we have both realised we are crazy, completely crazy to try this.  But well here we are and my attitude is to make the best of it and see what we can do.

At the start of the week our realtor put us in contact with a structural engineer.  He and DH chatted and he thought DH's plans were realistic and spot on.

LOL - google snowified the diggers.
This makes me laugh.  Really.

The structural engineer recommended an architect, so DH had a chat with him by email and face to face and the architect is excited about it too, so this week has been quite entertaining in some ways. 

So festive!  But no snowifying or sparkles!

We have had all sorts of weather (except warm, LOL), topped off by SNOW on Friday morning.  It was snowing at 6am when I crawled out of bed to see if it was snowing - not much else except my bladder will get me out of bed then!  I was so excited I couldn't go back to sleep for a while and when I did, I dreamt that one of DH's good friends skied over to visit us on cross country skis of course!  (The small fact that he is in Oz wasn't a problem... that is dream logic!)

Palm leaves in the snow? 
Or the negatives of Shadow ships?

And then there is Christmas stress.  We have invited people to Christmas but we have no idea who is actually coming.  Some are on call again.  Since I'm not so keen on turkey, I will stick with my family's traditional Christmas roast - a big lump of pork.  The heritage pork from Ballard Market (it turns out to be Nieman Ranch pork) is especially yummy and is worth the extra $$ but it comes to them skinless.  This is particularly sad as a good bit of crackling is necessary on the roast.  The butcher said he has frozen pork flank out the back (normally used for bacon) and I could use that or I can get the cheaper pork that comes with the rind on it.  I have a special treat planned for dessert too - no Christmas pud this year!  I could just make it me and DH but that is boring.  We see each other lots and Christmas is a time to get together with family and we don't have family here so we have to make family (not that way!!!), family of choice aka friends.

Before the snow

Today I dropped some stuff off at the op shop - I am letting go of things that I have no real use for, clothes I've hardly worn and am unlikely to wear much, clothes that I bought that turn out to aggravate my lymphedema (gods I hate that - spending money on something and if I wear it for more than half a day, my arm puffs up...).  I drove across to Seattle Children's (hospital) and dropped off some quilts that I specifically made for charity.  I like making quilts and I have plenty of fabric to make them with but I can't use that many of them.  The lady there said I should sell quilts.  I haven't so far because a) how do you price them? and b) I have to do everything above board.  Our apartment had a rule in the lease that I couldn't run a business out of the place but now we have a house.  I'm on a visa, I do have a work permit but I can't fly under the radar and not do this properly as the stakes are too high.  Getting kicked out of the country would be disastrous.  Also I'm too honest and tend to open my big claptrap when I get nervous.

Sheets of ice sound like
glass when rattled

Maybe in the New Year, which is a new tax year in the States, I shall go get a business licence and start making things to sell again.  I went to some EtsyRain seminars a couple of months ago and have a much better idea of how to do it all now.

I have to say people are crazy on the roads at the moment.  The Christmas shopping frenzy is well underway and I don't know what people are smoking or drinking but....  The number of cars doing 25mph on a clear, dry, above freezing day was stunning.  In a 20 or 25 zone, fine, but in a 35 zone?  The number of cars doing whack things, like the lady who waited for the traffic coming from her right to clear and then pulled out right in front of me - I was coming from her left.  She had looked my way, my car's lights were on (hard wired) and she just vroomed out.  Nearly gave me a heart attack and the great Christmas present of a broken car... but I braked hard and car's ABS took care of the rest.   I may have used the horn on her too.  My car is little and meeps rather meekly.  I fumed at her and she gaped at me and mouthed stuff that may have been "oh terribly sorry!" Or may not have been...

Lights now with extra sparkle!

And it is Solstice.  I haven't seen sunset since the start of the week, nor really sunrise for that matter, but tomorrow the days start getting longer again. 

About as far south as the Sun goes.

And I just. Cannot.  Wait.  OK, tomorrow will only be three seconds longer but by the end of the month we will have gained a whole three and a half minutes in day length!  LOL.  

Colour starts blooming.

More importantly, sunset will be around 4:30 instead of 4:18 (sunrise moves close to 8am before starting to pull back again) and by the end of January is after 5pm again.  Sunset before 5pm is just too early.

And intensifies

It was a bit of a cracker of a sunset, possibly made better by me not having seen a good sunset for quite a while.  We had a string of freeing cold clear days early in the month but I was just so busy I couldn't get up to Sunset Hill for them.   Hopefully once we are all moved in properly things will settle down and I'll be able to get up there more often (if the weather cooperates, which is unlikely!).

Reaches a maximum and then starts fading.



  1. It's funny how stuff accumulates. I think no matter how much room you have you'll always have more things than cupboard space. I'm surprised that the pork has no skin, crackling is the yummy bit!! mmm thinking about it is making me hungry. I love how you've snowified everything. The diggers cracked me up too!! Have a fun White Christmas!!

  2. Oh Lynne I hear your there,I bought stuff becaue I could and now I have stashes everywhere,I reasoned a lot of it can stay as Im forseeing broke years ahead and at least Ill have stuff to go through and keep my mind occupied,this is past Uni study of course.Clothes go first,Im finding i have favourite stuff and if I rid wardrobe of the extra,stash can hide in there

  3. Happy New House!! It sounds wonderful in spite of the moving in woes. I love the snowifying, but the machinery?? That's a funny choice. Yes, negatives of Shadow ships!!! I can never move as I have too much stuff!! Hope your Christ,as went well, and was merry. It is Boxing Day here, my favourite day really, all relaxing and nice. I am looking forward to fewer daylight hours and Autumn- we should not be wishing our lives away!!!!!

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