Clothworks challenge!

G'day all!

Whoops, how embarrassing!  I thought my Clothworks day was the 29th...  I'm a bit dyslexic about 6s and 9s.

OK, now where were we?

A couple of months ago, Susie from Clothworks (that link is to their blog, main website here) popped up on the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild with a Blue and white (and red!) challenge for a new range of fabric, Marsha McCloskey's "Everything Blue."  Clothworks is a fabric company with a variety of lovely collections of fabric.

I put my hand up and my little parcel of fat quarters arrived a while later.

I thought about what I wanted to make, and eventually decided that I would do one of my fave sorts of blocks - a log cabin, possibly wonky - and a new to me block - flying geese.  Flying geese blocks are very fashionable it seems at the moment and I jumped on the bandwagon.

Can you excuse the quality of the pics?  I hoped to get a nice day to take pics on but forgot on the last sunny day (I've been taking pics of my yarn stash) and it's been a bit manky in Seattle these last couple of days.  Indeed I'm writing this post whilst wearing my nice warm flannelette (aka flannel to Americans) lounge pants after we got soaked walking back from the supermarket.

My log cabin type block turned out nicely - it looks like a picture frame to me.  I did a bit of a gradient on the colours that I was given.  I could've added red to the block but I liked it as it was.

Don't look too closely at the points of my flying geese.  I also added a frame to this one to bring it up to size and it really sets the geese off nicely, I think.  Anyway it was surprisingly fun to do and I can see more flying geese in my future.

At the end of it all, I had not a whole lot of fabric left.  I was surprised by how much the blocks used.  I've got a few 2.5" strips left and that is it!

Thanks, Susie and the Clothworks team for giving me the opportunity to play with this lovely collection.  And umm, whoops, sorry I didn't blog it on the right day!  *blush*  And triple sorries about the quality of the pics, taken on my phone!



  1. Oh, I am on the Geese bandwagon too!! I quite like them too. I like your colour gradient log cabin and gradient geese too.

  2. You got to play with beautiful fabrics!! Great choices of blocks to show them off. Fun geese!! So what will you do with these blocks, are they the beginning of a quilt?


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