Am I a little hoarse or a crow?

G'day all!

I've been putting off blogging cos I keep hoping I'll have pics of my new knitted FOs to show you all but umm well I don't.

A sneak peek of a new top for me.
So, you'll have to deal with pics of plants and places we've been and a couple of teaser pics.

And a peek at a new cardie.

I've been pretty busy recently as my sister, her husband and one of their kids were visiting.  They got a nice place in Capitol Hill, which in extra nice, low traffic times is a bit over 20 minutes away.  I've spent a lot of time shuttling back and forth from there.  It was lovely to see family here and we had my niece here in our place for three extra nights whilst her parents were off doing the Rocky Mountaineer.

A touch of family.

It's a month since I stacked whilst walking on flat pavement.  I went back to the scene of the crime and honestly, there is one bit where there is a tiny lip on the edge of a concrete block but if it is 5mm higher than the rest of the blocks I'd be surprised.  There is also a big gap between a couple of blocks and that could've caught my shoe... but mostly I fell over because I am special!

Pioneer Square, sorta.  At Too Early O'Clock.

I was in town today because I went to see an otolaryngologist (an ear, nose and throat specialist for those of us who can't manage otolaryngologist, which is a helluva mouthful, no pun intended!).  I've had not much voice for nearly four weeks now and I'm over it.

I took selfies on Mt Rainier.

Turns out that whether or not I'm over it, not much can be done.  Or at least I'm hoping I'm in the not much can be done basket.

I knitted on Mt Rainier.

My right vocal cord is paralysed.  This explains the lack of voice, the inability to sing, the feeling that something is wrong on the right side and the choking myself on water.  It is most likely viral - a virus attacked the nerve, like literally.  The alternative is the nerve has problems because it is being pressed on by something, so with my history of cancer, I'd really prefer that it is a nerve and that it will clear over the next few weeks.  Or months.

Fireweed and Tatoosh Range

Apparently I'm in good company - the CEO of Google has bilateral vocal cord paralysis.  The good thing about that is he is throwing some money at research and treatment of vocal cord paralysis.

Anyway, I just have to hang cool for the next while and see if there is any obvious issue or if it is just being a brat.  I hate hanging cool.  I predict a LOT of knitting and playing with pretty fabric in my near future, though tomorrow I'm off to a day of seminars about running an Etsy shop and how to do it all nice and legally here in Seattle.

Like a fairy dell, only animated!
Christine Falls

I also can't use all of my aerobic capacity, which is a bigger issue in some ways - after starting a steroid inhaler for presumed asthma, I can now walk up a hill somewhat more easily (I walked from third ave up to ninth at Madison today in Seattle, and that is up a pretty steep hill!).  On Sunday we went to Mt Rainier and I thought I was going to die on the mountain.  I just couldn't breathe well enough. 

A different waterfall - the waterfall below!

Have I mentioned that our property managers have advised us that unless we sign another lease, not stay month by month, we will be charged $500 per month over the rate we paid when we moved in?  And even if we go for a 12 month lease, we will be paying $300 a month more for exactly the same apartment!

Narada Falls

You can probably guess what our response to that was!  So we (ahem, DH - my voice is hoarse) will talk to our credit union hopefully next week, though I am going to be horribly busy next week.  I have medical appointments three days in a row.  Blah!  I'd better email my bosses - medical stuff is chewing up a bunch of time at the moment cos when you are seeing specialists and getting tests run, you do them at the times they are available rather than waiting for weeks.

More Tatoosh Range

Hmm, what other excitement has happened?  Quite frankly, I think there's been enough excitement recently and I'd just like some plain old boring boringness to happen, giving me some time to quilt some stuff and knit some things and just hang out without much pressure to do things.  But alas that won't be for another week or so.

Signs of the season.  NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm praying (or my equivalent of) a return to boring, ordinary life for you! ! There's surely not much else can be thrown at you, right? Geez. I'm loving the look of that green and blue cardie! ! Very me.

    1. Thanks, Lynz! Yeah, I'd like to have a nice boring life again too. It is tedious not being able to speak well/at length/laugh properly - I sound rather like Muttley. The cardie is pretty nice - I have the feeling it is one of my fave colour combos as I keep putting yarn of those colours together...

  2. I love the sneak peek of the striped cardi, it looks great. I am sorry t hear abut your vocal cords and puffed out-ed-ness. I hope thieving settles down soon. You are in stellar company there though. I am 'special' too in the falling over and hurting myself way. My mum says I just don't pay attention and am daydreaming. I think she is right.
    The rental situation sounds a bit like highway robbery.
    Always nice to see family!!!

  3. I always enjoy your plant and places photos though it's nice to see sneak peeks of your cardi too! Having a paralised vocal cord must be a bit scary and very annoying. I always lose my voice when I get a cold and it drives me crazy. At least you're still well enough to go to beautiful places like Mt Rainier, and having family visit would have been fun. We moved to the Blue Mountains because the rental in Sydney was like that. When we moved out the apartment was rented out for what we had been paying without the rent increase they'd imposed on us. Sharks! I hope you get something sorted out. Get better soon.


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