A most marvellous May

G'day all!

It has been an incredible start to May.  The weather is glorious!

And I've been sitting on my butt inside, cleaning, working, knitting and generally being pretty slack, really.  Allergies are wiping me out, even though I'm taking antihistamines every day.  The pollen load is massive, and climbing as it gets warmer.  (The forecast is for 81F on Sunday.  That's 27C!  In May, in Seattle! Last week it was in the 50s, climbing around 15C if we were lucky.)

I did ride around to the beach a day or two ago.  I saw lots of pretty flowers along the bike path, though I am not sure all of them are natives or deliberately planted - I think some might be escapees.

So much for inserting photos - something reallllllly weird has been happening with my photos and the google cloud this week and if I try to insert pics from the cloud, it keeps taking more and more pictures!  Each time I open the pics dialogue, it takes another bunch of days away.  I can't even see any pics from later than April 17 now.  I've been having heaps of issues with gmail and g+ pics for days.  Dunno if it is one of the updates on my machine or one of their updates....

This dull shot of a kite surfer is your
bloomin' lot.

Someone seems to have planted aspens along the path.  They must be aspens - they have shimmering silver bark and their rounded/pointy leaves shimmy in the breeze.

And the dogwoods are in flower!  Not everywhere yet but the pink ones are in flower around Ballard and Wallingford and the big white ones along the bike path.

We did walk home from dinner in Fremont this evening, the first night we've walked home since some time in ?October? last year.

It is certainly Spring and it is roaring along at the moment.  I think we are getting some flowers a bit earlier than last year but last year was cold and wettish, and this year has been warmer and drier.

Last week I went for a walk with a friend to the beach.  The tide was a looooong way out - further than I've ever seen it - and we walked out almost to the water's edge.  I was too busy looking to see if I was about to stand in a puddle to see a fascinating, extremely slow motion tussle.

This last week or so I've also seen Northern Flickers (a bird a bit bigger than a blackbird and more streamlined - like a wattle bird size/shape for those Aussies in the know), a Western Scrub-Jay (an off white, brown and blue bird, again about the same size as a flicker), a bald eagle, a bunch of Red Crossbills (the males were bright orange and the females olivey yellow green) and a heap of mallard ducklings.

Hooray!  I have just finished the body of my new Norwegian cardigan.  I will have to steek it in a while.  That will be very exciting.  I've only ever steeked a little practice vest before.  No pics yet - it is late and I've got to go to bed soon.

We did have some excitement earlier in the week.  It wasn't fun excitement either, after DH had his work review.  He is doing some pretty good stuff - various of his ideas are being implemented and turned into functional products but he isn't necessarily the person implementing them.  Their metrics don't measure this but as an indication of his value, he has two different groups fighting over who gets him.  I've noticed after these events, I withdraw into lala land to recuperate, and I develop strange longings for things that normally don't matter much to me.  I want to feel appreciated, amongst other things.   I had to run some errands yesterday evening, so I put on some glad rags and rushed out the door, and was complimented on "my sense of style" and my outfit.  LOL.  Lairy pants and a purple tie dye yoga top.   That was nice.

Anyway, since google isn't playing nicely with me I think I shall give up for tonight and bid you



  1. It's lovely to read about Spring. I'm imagining the beautiful dogwoods. Fun to hear about the birds too. I'm impressed you saw a bald eagle! Keep enjoying May!

  2. Bah humbug to Google and it's picture stealing, the surfer looked like a fish in the air at first. We have Autumn trees and Spring weather, so I am glad you are having some warm weather at last. I shall have to look to see what dogwoods look like!! Hope May continues to be good and you should wear your glad rags more often!!!


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