Knitalong, Aidez

G'day all!

This post comes to you care of my phone, as I have had another crack at breaking a computer (though I have not in any way damaged my work laptop, it's done it all by itself). 

Celtic cast on has a knitalong happening for Aidez, a free Berocco pattern.  Excuse the lack of links, they are hard to do on the phone, no cut and paste.  I thought I'd best show my progress as the knitalong ends in a couple of weeks...ack, better get my skates on! Plus the shot is pretty average but what do you expect from a phone?

So far, I have done both the sleeves and fifteen inches of the back, plus the fronts are now a good twelve inches long. This means that I should be able to get it done in two weeks, surely? I've knitted this much in just under three weeks.

Time will tell!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, btw, they were much appreciated!



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