I am going OFFF!

G'day all!

Rather excited.  After I've unpacked the dishwasher, done the vacuuming and taken the rubbish out, I am going OFFF!

Yes, I'm driving down to the Orgeon Fleece and Fiber Festival.  It should be good!  Portland is only about four hours away and OFFF is not much further, so it is all excitement :-)

I also have a quilt to show off but I work in the afternoons usually and the mornings have been foggy/smoggy/smoky and not at all good for picture taking.

See you next week, when I will probably have lots of pics and maybe some new, ahem, stash...



  1. Have fun going OFFF!!! Sounds awesome!!

  2. Have fun Lynne and Im so glad your health is doing so well,take care dear Bloggie Friend!!

  3. Have a wonderful trip, it sounds full of excitement and I know you will enjoy the scenery on the drive too.


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