another 8th anniversary

G'day all!

I must trouble you again for congratulations on making it to eight years of something.

Today it is eight years of marriage.

A miracle.

Us at Mt St Helens for Nathan's birthday

I would share pics of us over the years, but last week I upgraded the operating system on my laptop and umm, well I busted it and it is Too Hard to get them off the server.  My almost five year old laptop is now a fancy shaped brick.  Actually, it was not my fault that:
a) Canonical (creators of Ubuntu) left a typo in one of the files or commands, which means that python (programming language) busted, which then meant that my new version of Ubuntu has problems, and
b) Acer and linux have issues about the handling of the fan driver, which combined with the busted python means my laptop gets stuck at the point where the fan stuff happens and goes around and around in a never ending loop until it overheats and shuts down.

It is handy that I have a work laptop which is currently functional and I hope it remains so but I have very little of my own stuff on it because:
a) the laptop isn't mine, and
b) if I put my stuff on it, I fill up the hard disk with pictures alone, and I really need to keep work stuff on this laptop.  Apparently 500 gig of disk space is no longer enough.

My sysadmin has been busy on other matters and cannot come to the phone or fix my computer right now.  His product was shown off last Thursday by the Big Boss, and very very soon now the new Kindle Fires will be hitting the hot sweaty paws of the consumers, who will hopefully find the photo app to be interesting and useful.  It certainly is pretty.

So eight years of marriage.  I can't say wedded bliss because sometimes it hasn't been.  It has been blasted hard yakka some days.  Other times it has been easy.  It has been interesting though.  We've certainly weathered a few storms.  We've seen some amazing stuff and been to some lovely, and not so lovely, places.  I guess that reflects the nature of marriage too.  I blush to admit that I don't exactly remember what I vowed eight years ago but I think I've stuck to it - it's a bit hard to tell really when I can't remember what I said.  All I remember is that I did not vow by God, because that would've been a false vow, like I had taken my vows with my fingers crossed behind my back.

Now if I get off my butt, or at least get it out from under my butt where it is currently residing, I have to sew down a quilt binding and then I will have another quilt finished!  I started it ages ago, as is my wont, and last week found it and a couple of others quilt tops that I remembered making but did not remember finishing, for good reason as it turned out.  I hadn't finished them.  Given how shaky things were when I was on chemo and for a while thereafter, I'm surprised I remember making them at all...  My biggest and bestest quilt is currently at the quilter as it is just too big for me to cope with, so it will be done soon too, and whilst it seems I left the binding for it at home, I've found the remaining scraps of fabric from the quilt top itself, so I should be able to cobble something together from them.

I didn't share my most recent knitting triumph either, did I?  One of Nathan's cousins had a baby boy recently and I made him a layette.  Given how pretty and lacy the layette is, a girl might be more appropriate but eh.  Baby boys have no fashion sense anyway.



  1. Happy Anniversary, I love that photo- great smiles, great t-shirts ad great scenery!! I am sorry your computer is a brick, I hope it becomes less brick like soon.
    Life is never what you expect and to be feeling content(ish) after eight years is a positive achievement. baby boys are not fashion icons!!!

  2. Happy 8th Anniversary!! That photo looks celebratory with you two smiling in rainbow tshirts. Have fun with those Ufos, as you know I'm tackling mine too. Baby boys on girly layettes make good 21st birthday photos.

  3. Hi Lynne, I was going to email but I noticed you're a noreply blogger. An artist called Dale Chihuly is having an exhibition in Seattle. I really think you'd love his work, it's like your tshirts but made out of glass. I saw an exhibition a few years ago and was blown away!!


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