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This post really should be under my travel blog but it's easier to put it here.

On Independence Day, we at last went for a drive in my new baby.  A random drive to the Cascades where, guess what? We found a cascade!

This might be lower Wallace Falls but I'm not really sure.

It took a bit of huffing and puffing - when they said the track was steep, they were not kidding. Because it is only a state park, people could bring their dogs. The big dogs were fine but some of the little ones were struggling (much like some of the kids and some of the adults). One Boston terrier was whining pathetically but its human was not in much better state. I am pleased to say that whilst I may have huffed and puffed, I did keep on going and on the way back down managed to run part of the way (mostly because it was run or fall over...).

Easy track.  Very pretty.  Dunno what is with the poor quality pics.

The track along the old railway grade was much easier but of course did not go to the falls.

Tayberries.  Sideways, because that is how the phone loaded the pic....
Finally, the berries above are my new favourites. Tayberries, a cross between blackberries and raspberries I think.  Imagine a raspberry that always delivers on flavour.  I wish I could share them with you (but then I wouldn't get to eat as many!).  Mmmmmm!

You want to see fireworks? The display was quite good here, maybe not as exciting as that in San Diego but lots of pretties. I didn't take a single shot on the phone but we may have taken quite a few on the big camera and some video on the small you will have to wait!



  1. Those Tayberries look delicious!!! Yum!! They'd be a good bush walking booster. I'm sad for the little dogs whining because they're exhausted.

  2. Yum, those berries look delicious. Oh those poor little pups, doesn't sound much like a fun outing. IT is beautiful though and nice cascades. Hope your car performed well!!!


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