Oh my, time flies

G'day all!

I was sure I had written a post recently but apparently not.

MiL and FiL arrive tomorrow night!  It seemed like an age away then a few weeks, then a week and now only a day!  And topping it off nicely, I misread the forwarded message (it is in about 6pt and a grey font) and thought they arrive on Sunday.... so we will be very busy people tomorrow.  Whoops!

Rather blurry night shot of current knitalong on Ravelry

I've been madly making stuff and trying to get work done and tidying but we have a bit of tidying to go alas.  And cleaning.  And Seattle's garbos (rubbish bin collectors) are on strike so it could get a bit dire, especially at the rate I am going through stuff here and cleaning things out.  It amazes me how much stuff we accumulate so quickly and how much packaging and random odds and ends just build up.  You (I) hang on to things because "they might be useful" or they haven't expired or whatever but they never get chucked out until a thorough cleaning happens.  So out it goes!  Into recycle, composting or just the bin.  Unless I can give it to the op shop (goodwill, thrift, etc)

Instead of blathering for ages, I think I shall leave you with some pics I've taken in my wanderings recently.  All taken on the phone so excuse the quality - blogger does something odd with the phone pics - they look perfectly fine on the computer and on the phone until I load them here.

Nature strip (parking strip) planting

The biggest papaver pod I've ever seen

Rudbeckias outshining a sign

Shasta daisies and a mesembryanthemum thingy

Fantastic mosaic in Wallingford

 I really think I should stop borrowing this book from the library.  OK, I am making sure my own copy doesn't wear out but really....

Nothing says summer like sunflowers

Though echinaceas with ladybugs are pretty good

Would be skeered but this maple has red leaves all season
Sunset tonight over Ballard Bridge
One day you might be lucky and I'll write a real blog post with really pretty pictures taken on our travels.  I've just discovered that the good camera is a bit short sighted and needs to be adjusted.  Good timing, just before a family visit with lots of travel planned!  It just means that we will never be able to blow the pics up to full size.  They are fine for small to even medium sized prints but if you are taking massive pics, every now and then you find one that you'd like to make into a good size photo.  The camera is still under warranty and I've found the receipt for it (hooray) so after the PiLs leave I have six weeks before the one year warranty expires to get the thing fixed!



  1. Oh no, I hope they arrived safely and everything went well. Definitely get your camera fixed under warranty, I just did that with my computer this week.
    What are you knitting it's lovely?
    I am a hanger on to things as well. I can guarantee as soon as it leaves the house, I need it.
    Love the mosaic and all the flowers.
    I have books for nine weeks, then I take them back and request them again. I don't even buy my own copy. No-one else wants the though.


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