We came, we saw, we left again...

G'day all!

It has been a truly whirlwind trip home.  I've hardly had time to catch my breath and tomorrow we fly back to Seattle.

The wedding was lovely, the weather and tide could not have been better, and the wedding reception went totally off, thanks to some well applied nerf guns... I have a new sister in law, no more SIL2b.

I've caught up with my family and with nearly all the in laws, certainly all the ones who came to the wedding.

Pictures will follow but since I don't have my laptop with me, I have not downloaded them.

My test results are all fine and I just have to tough out the pain of the scar tissue (but it makes me feel dizzy because it feels wrong so I might get some pt done on it, see if that helps).

In some ways I don't want to leave but in others I can't wait to get back to Seattle and see what is happening there. Melbourne is Home, it has most of my closest family and a lot of my friends, but I sometimes find myself saying home and meaning Seattle.  It is where my Stuff is, it is where we don't have to live out of a suitcase (that gets very old very quickly), it is where nathan's job is...

On a completely unrelated note, I have yet another new watch... I keep destroying the bands of my watches and then losing them....

Anyway, we are off to the states again tomorrow morning so



  1. Great to hear your results are all clear.

    Woohoo for the wedded couple!

  2. Kewl watch, Lynne!

    Congrats on the good med report.

    We're off to California again 23 May...follow the bouncing ball!

  3. Nice watch!! Very fuchsia!! I think home is where my stuff is too. After living is almost 20 residences and school houses in 5 years I quickly learned to put my stuff out to make it feel like home. Glad the wedding went well, I did not read carefully the first time and thought it went off, rather than totally off in a good way!!
    So glad to ready your tests results were good. Huzzah!!!


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