Fishing for sympathy

G'day all!

I am straight up looking for sympathy.

I was out enjoying the sunshine on my bike this afternoon.  I was having a lovely ride.

Then when I went to take off after stopping at a stop sign, my chain slipped.  My shoe got stuck in the corrugations of my bike pedal, I rolled my ankle trying to pull it out, fell on some very delicate bits on the bike saddle, bruised my dominant hand and then toppled over sideways.

So I'm laying on the ground on my left side thinking OUCH!  Certain parts were saying OUCH somewhat louder than others.  Some indeed were screaming OUCH.  But I didn't hit my head.  I didn't even stun myself.  Falling over hurt so much less than I expected it to.

There's a car behind me, thankfully stopped otherwise it could have been very exciting indeed.

I pick me and Percy (the bike) up and drag us both to the side of the road, limping.  I rub things and check things - sprained ankle, check, sprained/bruised thumb/wrist, check, delicate bits screaming OUCH, check, bruised shins, check.  Anything else?

No.  I am sure I'll be sore tomorrow - after all I fell flat on my side, on a shoulder that has seen better days.

Well I was most of the way to my destination, so I wobbled back onto Percy and rode off carefully.  I bought the items I wanted, then checked something out and rang the doctors.

I have stitches.  And I'm still wobbly four hours later.

And I've been assured that it will feel worse in two or three days.

We have a visitor (or two) this weekend.  Thank heavens they are not staying with us because I was partway through reorganising and cleaning up.  Now I am heavily into icepacks and sitting on ring cushions.  I am not sure I will be much fun nor that our place will be either clean or tidy.

And I have two flights on Monday, one of which is for 14.5 hours.  I bet the air attendants will get to know me quite well, and will have a nice tale to giggle about.  As will anyone reading this blog.  But first, sympathy?  Or do I deserve it for riding my bike and trying to get fitter (getting regular exercise decreases chances of cancer recurring).



  1. Owwwwww! Sorry you are all bruised and battered. I hope you make a good recovery, and can find the energy to enjoy your visitor.

  2. That sound very nasty. Hope it heals sooner rather than later and I can just imagine the bruises!

  3. Ouch! Poor you. Hope the swelling goes down quickly and you aren't so uncomfortable on your flights.

  4. Ouchy, Lynne! Been there, done that! I didn't even have the excuse of a slipped chain...I just plain fell over and gashed my knee, etc.

    Hope you will be feeling better by the time you head for the sky. Enjoy your time in Oz. I'll be flying back, too, on Wednesday night from SFO.

    Take care!

  5. Have some sympathy! I hope you feel better soon and it's good that the injuries weren't more serious. I worry about bike riders - some drivers are crazy.

  6. Oh no, I remember my sister hurt herself 'delicately' on a trike at Kinder. Not good, hope you are feeling better soon. Your lucky numbers must come up any day now.
    Hope the flight goes smoothly.

  7. Oh yes you get sympathy, falling off a bike is no fun.


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