Wow, just wow

G'day all!

I am being a bit slow on this blog updating thing, huh?

We've been in Seattle for just over a week now.  We have had internet since Friday afternoon (for an apartment with laid on internet, it caused a LOT of hassle and running around.  I spent six hours with comcast until they said "Oh, it hasn't been paid for at that address" though the phone and the cable tv were with them.... It only took three hours to get the cable tv going.  No we are not having cable tv in our apartment, when we get one....)

Olympics and seaplane.

It is minus 3 Celsius outside.  To my poor little Australian sensibilities, where if I was home in Melbourne it would be 32C (80s F), it is amazingly cold.  And I really need a nice warm winter coat.  I have a raincoat but it isn't insulated and so is not nice and snuggly warm.

Afterlight looking towards the Olympic Mountains.

I have been perusing legwarmer patterns on Ravelry.  I think they would be rather practical if I want to wear tights or leggings with my boots.  I have snow boots from my time in Colorado.  Maybe old boilers shouldn't wear legwarmers or leggings but I don't care.  If you've got it, flaunt it.

Afterlight on the foreshore of Puget Sound

I have found two yarns shops so far, though I didn't use the net.  One shop is in a building that a friend lives in.  Just as well we don't live in that building!  I just had to have this rainbow sock yarn, though I don't think I'll knit socks from it - I already have a rainbow set made from this yarn's sibling.

Of course this yarn followed me home.  It is my favourite colour.

I haven't said how much I <3 the Space Needle.  It is 50 years old this year and still whizzing into the future.  It is also about 400m from our current residence.  It helps me find my way home when I'm navigating the maze of one way streets.  About every third street goes two ways, just to add to my confusion.  When I am walking, I don't care but once in a while I try to drive the wrong way down a one way street....

Deal with the wonky.  It really isn't the
 leaning Space Needle.  But it is a shot
taken at night

I've been doing a lot of walking when the weather was (only slightly) kinder to this poor wayward Californian, ahem Australian.  (When people ask me what the weather is like where I come from, I say like California cos it is easier than laying it all out.)  I've taken lots of pics, some of which I've shared in this post, but never fear, I have plenty more, mostly sunset, pics and pics from the Space Needle.  I've pics that show it snowed half of today, with snow about 3" deep lying around, just hanging out, making things look pretty and white.  I am quite sure that in another couple of days I will be well and truly over snow, at which point it will start raining instead and I'll be able to whinge about that instead cos rain is just grey, not pretty and white.

Afterlight on Seattle downtown and Mt Rainier.
Normally I would have edited a heap of pics and stuck them on Flickr, but I have somewhat of a backlog from Hawaii and home that I am still uploading.  Hooray, the blogger pic uploader is much less clunky than it used to be.  It fits in with the rest of the stuff.  Plus you can put captions on and left/right/centre the pic!  Hooray!  Now if only they would integrate blogger with google+ (look for me there, I post things there a bit cos it is easy to chat with Sydneysiders there, share pics with peoples and it integrates with my android phone like that (snaps fingers)) so any pics from the phone upload and voila!  I can share them.

And what do you call someone who lives in Seattle?  (Hint, it fits quite nicely with the Space Needle and the forward into the future idea.)



  1. I a so glad you are safe and sound and settled in. I would be spending all my time downstairs in the yarn shop!!! No wonder that rainbowy wool followed you home. I love that you have a special place marker in that tall Space Needle thing. That's very cold, it was 36*C in Hobart today.
    Nothing wrong with a nice leg warmer, you could do excerpts from Flashdance!!!
    I googled to find out the name for people in Seattle. I laughed, it is most amusing. In the heat my brain can't think at all, I am a Terry Pratchett Troll.

  2. GLad to hear you arrived safely. Looks like a wonderful place and I'm looking forward to reading more about your adventures.

  3. WOW Indeed!!! Seattle looks cool! Not just as in Cold. The Space Needle sounds like a nice friend to help you find your way. I used to use Centerpoint Tower in Sydney like that. Fun Rainbow Yarn!


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