Australia Day

G'day all!

Ok, it isn't Australia Day here yet, but it's been Australia Day back home for about 16 hours now.

It is sorta weird being in a place that is similar but still quite different to home.  Homesickness is starting to kick in.  There's still plenty to explore here but I've started noticing a certain longing for familiar things.  I went to a knit night at Bad Woman Knits tonight - one of DH's friends lives in the same building.  That entertained me but it also reminded me that once again I have to start establishing connections with people.

DH's job is going great guns so far.  Tomorrow he will presenting to the Big Boss.  He's only been there for 2.5 weeks....

I am heavily into house/apartment hunting at the moment.  The place I've liked the look of most is the place that is furthest.  Typical!  It isn't particularly close to a supermarket either (though I now realise it isn't very far at all, I just forgot about a certain place that we drove past), though I am starting to think that is what Amazon is for.  After all, I have to drink the company Kool Aid, even if it is not my workplace.  Anyway, the rental market is pretty tight and I am starting to get a bit worried.  We only have another week and a bit at this place, and then?  Of course even if we get a place, we don't have our furniture yet. We've done the living without furniture thing before and it gets very old very fast.  When we moved to Colorado, a workmate of Nathan's brought round two garden chairs, and we used them for about a month as arm chairs.  We slept on a full/double bed size futon on the floor (we did that for the entire stay in the US cos after a while, we sorta liked it and the idea of finding a normal, larger, off the ground bed was just too much hassle).

This lady sits on a bench opposite an older gentleman.

The weather has been kind and cruel to us.  After the excitement of Snowmageddon last week (seriously, Seattle is hilly, like it has really steep hills, the sort of hills that you need to plant your foot flat to the floor in a car and they are impassable after snow, and the place half shut down), we had a weekend that was like Melbourne in winter as a cold front hits and then starts clearing.  Monday was brilliantly sunny and I went to Ballard to see the locks and the railway bridge and as it turns out the beach and the Olympic mountains.  It was brilliant!

Then it was grey all day yesterday and semi-gray today.  I have never seen so many shades of grey before, nor of steely, dull blues.

The person who is helping us with the househunting is working out I am not your average chick.  I got overly excited (ie I thought it was in the slightest bit exciting) that the bridge at Fremont opened its drawbridge.  It didn't worry me that it meant we were stuck there for the time being (maybe about 5 minutes, if that), OMG THE BRIDGE IS OPENING!  Bounce!  I took pics of it.  I put one on G+ but I've not edited any yet.

I'm really hoping that over the next couple of weekends we'll be able to go for a drive and see something other than Seattle.  Even if it is raining on and off.  Saturday's forecast is for mostly sunny!!! But that would be twice in a week and this is Seattle in the winter!  I was told that Monday's weather was unusual, then again Snowmageddon was unusual.  It is all unusual for me.  I've never lived here before.

Some kind person gave her a scarf in the snow last week.
I hope it kept her warmer.

Snowmageddon was fun from my POV.  We didn't lose power, for starters, no trees fell on our property, we weren't trapped in our neighbourhood (snowploughs and buses!), etc, etc.  We got to experience snow!  Kids and their dads were having snowball fights outside.

I have been knitting.  I pulled out the cowl I started umm four times?  Now it is the right size and is getting close to being finished.  I should get pics of it, but we don't really get good light here - we are in a courtyard facing east and the best light we get is reflected off the south-facing places by us.  I've also finished the sock that has taken me forever and started a new sock.  The new sock is also taking forever, but I've not been knitting it much.

Anyway, I must cease rambling and go to bed.  It is late and I am reallly tired, first time in ages I've let myself get this tired.



  1. Welcome to Seattle! I recently found your blog and I also live in the Seattle metro area, so I thought it would be fun to see what you think of our city. I'm just a beginning knitter working on my first scarf. :)

    Yes, Seattle winters are definitely all about the shades of's what we do!

  2. So glad you are settling in!! It sounds the right kind of cold weather, which I am longing for. I love the sculpture!! She looks happy in the snow. I love a good opening bridge. Good luck with the house hunting. It must be nice to be knittered and supermarketed up, just some furniture now would be nice!!

  3. Sounds like you are settling in and you'll make it home in no time. We have Australian friends who have a BBQ every Australian Day - lamingtons etc which is an awesome thing in Britain when it is cold and damp. They even order Aussie specialities - croc, kangaroo and ostrich!


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