Oh to be joyous

G'day all!

Well things continue on their craptastic way here.  It never rains but it pours.  We are expecting some not particularly happy-making news.  Once any and all of it happens, it will probably be a relief!

(I feel a bit like the harbour seal on the left of the pic - no matter how high I hike myself up, I just keep getting inundated)

I'm underinspired and quite frankly lonely.  In the last week, I've talked to my MiL on the phone and Nathan and to my workmates and bosses on the phone (thank you MiL and bosses for helping sort some of the crazy).  That is it.  I didn't really talk to anyone on Friday night because I was knackered.  It appears I have a pelvic infection.  I'm now on antibiotics and am regaining energy.  We usually have breakfast with a couple of Nathan's workmates on the weekend but we didn't have breakfast with either of them.  (Nathan had breakfast with some people he jams with.)

(Boom, crash!  NB the seals are not sitting on the rock that wave broke over.  Man that was magic watching those big waves come in....  I could have stayed there all afternoon watching them.  I love the sea.  I live only about 12km from the sea but central Sydney lies in between it and me...)

I am feeling underwhelmed by my social life.  I've talked more to this danged character in my head than to anyone else in the last three months.  He keeps surprising me.  At least someone wants to talk to me!

OK, whining done.

I have been knitting!  Alas my arm is puffing up quite a lot at the moment, but I am hoping it will calm down again in a few days...  I am knitting continental as my usual flicking technique appears to be annoying my hand.  I am a good girl, I am using some of the yarn I bought in the USA.  I do not have a pic of the knitting yet.  I've almost done enough of it to model.  With a singlet (tank) on.  No freebie views here!  Not without dinner, flower and chocolates first...

I was a naughty girl yesterday, I bought some fabric at Scroatfight.  But it was $3/m instead of $10-16/m...  I don't have plans for it, yet...  I also saw these (scroll down a ways) on Jane Sassaman's (fabric) blog and umm, well I only bought half a metre of fabric, just to play with, from Quiltsmith.  I've never had any real interest in hexies before but umm well those just blew me away.  Oh and did I say that it's not only knitting that is an issue for me?  Anything that makes me bend my arm 90 degrees or more (handsewing, knitting) does.  And bike riding, though my arm is straight.  Dangnabbit.  This blasted cancer has stolen a whole heap of things from me, and I am cranky with it.  I don't care about the chunk out of my boob but I do care about my ability to craft and do things that make me feel happy (knit, sew, bike ride, other things that I can't think of currently), and I do care that my plans to become A Lady Of A Certain Age with the blabbermouth to go with it may have been interrupted.  (OK, they certainly will be interrupted if I get run over by a bus tomorrow... but you may be able to sympathise anyway.)  At least I will soon turn another year older.  It is a year more than I expected when I was diagnosed!

(Is there a bright light in the future?  Is it an oncoming train or just Pigeon Point lighthouse?)

Today's good things.  I went swimming.  My ring fits my finger again, and I can almost get it on the finger it was designed to sit on.  (I made the ring what 12 years ago now... until the lymphoedema diagnosis, it always stayed on my middle finger.)  We bought a new fluorescent light tube and starter for the kitchen - the old one was talking to me in some form of morse code, only I don't know morse code, or maybe it was aliens trying to communicate.  Or maybe it was just busted (it hurt to have the light strobing.  It really hurt).  I walked at least 9km.  The weather cleared up after it poured rain last night and the forecast is lovely.  And it seems that summer is on the way a) 28C later in the week and b) it is starting to get humid on warm days.  27C and a few showers on Sunday.  Ick!



  1. Well that sucks, doesn't it. It is horrid when you feel that way. Sometimes when I haven't talked to a real person for a few days I go talking mad and can't keep quiet. Illness is awful because the effects go on long after the treatment ends and you are just out there treading water and trying to keep going. I am glad you can swim. Hurray!! And that you found some nice material.


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