Dodged one bullet...

G'day all!

Well yesterday we dodged one bullet, and got hit by another.  Nathan will be off to a funeral soon - his grandpa died.  Grandpa was old and tired and had had enough.  We knew he was on his last legs, and had pondered sending Nathan off to see him but a) not enough time and b) some work issues.  Nathan will miss him even though they only talked a couple of times a year and saw each other even less often.


(Why won't I be going to the funeral?  Because it is going to cost at least $500 per person to fly there and back, and OUCH!  I should go for the family but Nathan agrees that it is $500+ we could put on the mortgage...  Driving is out of the question as it is about 1400km/870m away and my car is small and old.)

So things have actually improved here over the last few days, despite Grandpa dying.  Thank heavens.  I am surviving the antibiotics (some give me dreadful side effects that you don't need the details of but not these ones so far, yes I am eating soyghurt every couple of days) and they seem to be working.  They must be working because I am much less crabby and much more full of cope, plus I've walked hmm, 9km on Monday, 2km on Tuesday, 6km yesterday....  by tonight assuming I stay awake long enough I will probably have walked another 5 or more kilometres and gone swimming (I hope).  I woke up a little early today - DH had a restless night and by the time he got to sleep again at 5am, I was pretty much wide awake.  My knitting continues slowly - the item is all in one piece so I will only have a few ends to weave in, hooray!  I also have some ideas for a quilt, particularly given my quiltalong group is getting going again after a rather long northern summer hiatus.

(Nasturtiums are pretty to look at but I have NO IDEA how people can eat the things.  Or doesn't the latexy sap permeate the flowers?)



  1. Hey Lynne glad things a bit better,myDH appears to be going that way too,wont leave me alone and clingy,its abit like having another Baby,LOl Anyhow it sounds like your getting a bit of exercise,I feel so lazy as Ive sat for half yesty and all today working on my assignment,I may go for a walk tomorrow,took three days off work and really enjoying it! Hope I dont get a pineapple on Monday :0 Anyhow hang there!! I think of you all the time!!

  2. Awww... hang in there! I like the idea of the walks, although here in Minnesota things are getting more chilly by the day. Hope you have a good weekend and are feeling back to normal soon - being sick is just the pits.

  3. That's sad Grandpa news, sorry to read it.
    Glad you are feeling better, and the antibiotics are over. We ate nasturtium petals when I was child for a dare!!


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