The long winter

aka the winter of our discontent.

G'day all!

Long time no blog.  It's been a pretty rancid winter here, cold, wet, even quite a few snow days!  And very very grey.

Daffa-daffa-daffa-daffa- daffodils

But Spring is now here, or at least the plants assure me that Spring is here - the (cherry) plums are flowering and so are the daffodils.  The crocuses have croaked and the pears are getting ready to flower, along with the tulips.  The stellate magnolias are coming into full bloom.



Stellate magnolia

So nice to see Spring at last.


I've been making stuff all the way through.  DH started a new job and that has been umm interesting, often in the Confucian sense.  We've had a trip to California out of it, a trip that brought almost record amounts of rainfall to those parts (yay us?).  And we aren't mentioning politics but that is hella interesting too.  I have learned a lot about how politics works in the States over the last while.

If the weather continues to improve I might be able to get some outdoors shots of all the things I've been making.  Pretty much every semi-decent day recently has been rather windy, making it hard to get shots of stuff as it blows away.... The lighting inside has been pretty average most days.  The few good days I've spent out in the garden, prepping it for spring and summer planting.  I've got to find places to stick two quinces, a nectarine and two American pawpaws.  (I think they are pawpaws.)  And there's some hardy kiwifruit too.  That will make about 10 or so different sorts of fruit trees on the property.  Hope I can share some pics later in the season when they aren't just bare sticks!



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