Time to breathe!

G'day all!

Life has been hectic for the last while.  Nothing bad has happened, I've just been busy.

I put us in for the edible garden tour and confirmed just after we got back from England.  Who knew that there was so much to be done in the garden?

And then my in-laws arrived three days after the garden tour.  It may not surprise you to know that clearing the study was a laborious process?  My knitting, quilting and computer room became their bedroom for nearly three weeks.

The in laws left yesterday evening.

What did we do whilst they were here?  The first week involved puttering around and waiting for good weather, not pretty average weather.  We took off to Artist Point at Mount Baker on one fairly clear day.

The second week DH and his dad started building a shed.  The shed will hold the bikes and the mower and plywood and stuff.   DH and I have to deal with the windows, the gables and the shingles.  We were inspired by a pretty shed we saw in someone else's yard and then went sideways from there.  As we are wont.

Setting up the floor

Discussing the walls

Bringing the doors and windows home.
Amazing what you can fit in a Fit!  (Jazz)
Admittedly my passenger walked home....
Tying down the window frames in the right spots
Starting the sheathing/bracing

Sheathing done!
Starting the roof
Ridge beam in place

Now you can knock at the shed door.
Apparently I have put too many pics in or swapped them around too much because I can't caption the polycarbonate roof one nor the one above it.  Weird.

Doors hung!

We wandered down and saw the salmon run at Ballard Locks.

DH and his dad dealt with a bit of a dry rot problem in the kitchen.  It started on that bottom right corner where we found a bit of fungal fruiting happening.  DH pulled the trim off and found not a whole lot wrong with that but when he looked further afield... the lady who owned the place before us had had a new window installed by a certain Very Large Hardware Store chain and they used plain old plywood as sheathing.  She bought the house in 99 so the ply didn't last 20 years and maybe only ten years....

It was pretty breezy in the kitchen
for a couple of days.

We went on a grand trip to Glacier National Park.  That was fabulous!  I have so many pics to share.  I'll just leave that link there.  I should talk about that more.

And then we got home, DH and FiL hung the doors on the shed and then the in laws were gone!  The house feels rather quiet and empty without them.  I've got plenty to do though so I'd best get cracking on it.



  1. It's always fun to see what you've been up to.


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