That was the winter that was

G'day all!

This was a winter for hibernating.

Green Lake sunset

What?  Winter has ended?, I hear Americans cry.  Meteorological winter has ended - it runs from December 1 to Feb 28/29 in the northern hemisphere.


And sunset from the same day

Anyway, I live in Seattle, and Spring arrived about two or three weeks ago here.  It pays no mind to dates.  The crocuses started blooming at the start of Feb, the odd daffodil showed up (though they are really getting underway now except in my yard where they are still making promises) and then the cherry plums started blooming.

Crocuses.  Croci?

Artful arrangement by nature

More crocuses

Now the magnolias are starting, if they haven't been blown away by today's atrociously windy weather.

It feels like I hardly did a thing in January.  I may as well have hibernated because it was not a good month.  It started well with lots of sun and then went to seed.  I would say pot but various of you would get the wrong idea.

Hey, I did do something in January!  I finished quilting this!
I also knitted a lot.

Normal winters in Seattle involve a lot of drizzle.  Lots and lots of drizzle.  Drizzle doesn't get you wet very easily, especially if you wear fuzzy clothes like wool or fleecy tops or (!!) a rain coat.  I expected not so much drizzle or rain because this is an El Nino year.  El Nino years are usually warmer and 20% drier than normal.

Green Lake contrail
We had only a handful of clear days

A big fat HA to that!

This year we had rain.  We had so much rain that we broke the record for rain from October 1 (the start of the water year and rain festival in Seattle) to March 1.  When it rained, it didn't bother with this drizzle rubbish, it persisted down.  Going outside was miserable - even with a raincoat you got soaked.  Staying inside was miserable.  It generally was just miserable all round.

Nifty mackerel skies

However, it was a little warmer than average.  So there is that.

February sees the start of Spring here.  I am starting to think that Spring is my favourite season here, though I'm not too impressed with how this one has started.  Hopefully in like a lion, out like a lamb.

Oh please won't you let me in?

I have much to talk about.  Lots and lots, if I can drag myself away from the weather.  I have been knitting.  I have been quilting.  I think I have to do a number of blog posts.  In the mean time, feast your eyes upon the pics I did manage to get in one month of a miserable winter.

New socks for DH

A new jumper for me
The start of a new quilt
I should've cropped this shot :-)


  1. Isn't it great that the reward for making it through winter is the arrival of spring flowers, and lots of new socks.

  2. Well, now I know where all our rain went, we had a record low rainfall. What beautiful flowers, Spring is definitely there. Nice socks and jumper, I love the stripes!!


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