11 years

G'day all!

In wandering around looking for pics from our wedding (I have a dearth of them digitised it turns out...), I found this.

11 years today!  Crikey!  I would say how the time has flown but sometimes it has crawled...  8-)

Brave Sir Nathan

Brave Sir Nathan

Conrad Leviston, to the tune of "Brave Sir Robin"

Bravely bold Sir Nathan went
To University
He was not afraid to go,
No Brave Sir Nathan
He was not at all afraid
To learn of things arcane
Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Nathan!

He was not in the least bit scared
To join a club like FOME*
Or to sit and socialise,
No Brave Sir Nathan
To lounge inside the caf
Rather than study for his course,
And to speak on many matters Brave Sir Nathan

Like Solar cells and water tanks
And Buckey Balls and gardening
And if lifting cargo into space
Upon an elevator works
He really was a Brave Sir Nathan.

Bravely Brave Sir Nathan,
A FOME camp did attend,
He was not afraid to go,
No Brave Sir Nathan,
So he quested for a wumpus
In the woods about the camp
Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Nathan!

While questing there Sir Nathan met
The beauteous maid named Lynne
And said to her the noble words
"Hello my name is Nathan."
Staring deep into his eyes
Lynne told him "I've been cut
By a twig that's most ferocious Brave Sir Nathan."

And then his heart beat fast at her fluttering eyes
And as Lynne's cheeks blushed Nathan tried to disguise
That blood was rushing to some parts
It never had before inside
The body of the Brave Sir Nathan.

Bravely then Sir Nathan
Did meet with Lynne again.
He was not afraid to go
No Brave Sir Nathan
They roamed throughout the countryside
And purchased native plants
The coy lass and the Brave Sir Nathan

He was not in the least bit scared
To get inside her car
Her take take off speed caused no alarm
To Brave Sir Nathan
His knuckles turned not white
As she drove around the hills
And he learned the subtle art of navigation

"Take a sharp turn left and a shallow right
"Then a shallow left and a hairpin right
"A shallow left then dodge the sheep
"Please keep your wheels upon the road
"I think we're going to die!" said Nathan.

Bravely Brave Sir Nathan
Approached the wedding aisle
He was not afraid to go
No Brave Sir Nathan
He was not at all afraid
That he'd made a big mistake
Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Nathan!

He was not in the least bit scared
That she'd turn into a shrew
Or decide to nag at him
All his waking hours
That his days would seem like years
And each year eternity

(* FOME - Fellowship of Middle Earth at Monash University, originally a Tolkein apprecation society, now more a rabble of geeks and nerds geeking and nerding about SF and fantasy and finding fellowship (and other things!) in each other.)

Brave Sir Nathan indeed!

On top of Whistler, BC, Canada, August 2015.

This also means that I have been blogging for over eleven years now.  11 years!



  1. Congrats, you two! Loved the poem and the pic of your wedding!

  2. Awesome!! Happy 11th anniversary, I hope you danced around and sang songs in celebration.

  3. I think I strained something laughing aat Brave Sir Nathan! Happy anniversary, you two :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Congratulations on both anniversaries!

  6. Time flies when you're having fun!! Who knew back then that LOTR would be so many major films?? happy Anniversary!!!


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