G'day all!

It is a year since we flew off to London to get our new visas.  A whole year!

Sunset is now almost as northerly as it goes.

It's been a good year, a year with a fair bit of travel - London, New York (twice), DC and most recently Boston.  Family visited.  Family grew in size with a baby born, and more distant family has also grown.

But it's been a year!  How did that happen!

Since my last blogging, the days have stretched out further - the sun is setting after 9pm now and rises not long after five.  Twilight lasts a good hour.  I always wanted to go roaming in the gloaming and it seems I don't have to go to Scotland to do so.  The light outside tonight at 9:30 was an amazing pearly mauve.  It won't last, it doesn't last long, not all night, but it is lovely whilst it lasts.  (We are still southerly compared to London, but London is surprisingly far north.)

Prettiest house in the area.

I'm trying to make the most of the long days but it has been a bit difficult recently because we've had a mini heat wave.

Such a big ship it had to be guided by two tugs!

Yep, temps in Seattle got to about 30C and we all died, or felt like dying.  Pathetic, eh?  The sun is high in the sky and when you are out in it, it is really hot!  We are contemplating getting a shade sail or similar for the deck because it is uncomfortably hot.  LOL

Things I never thought I'd say in Seattle no. 1: I'm hot.

Frogged. Looks like a sack on me.

And of course we haven't had any rain for some time and no meaningful rain for over a month.  I'm having to water the garden with good potable water because we build some rain water tanks just when the rains dried up.  In April.  Normally it doesn't stop raining until sometime in June.  We installed raised beds and all so that we could grow lots of vegies and they are drying out!  The coriander I planted went to seed before it had grown three leaves!

Things I never thought I'd say in Seattle no. 2: We need rain.

Our house is in that shot.  Good luck finding it!

One good thing about the lack of rain and the temps heating up is that now I don't have to cut the grass as often.  Once a week isn't that often I guess but it is annoying!

Romeldale/CVM fleece drying.

I've been busy knitting, spinning and washing fleece recently.  I've even done a bit of quilt top making.  The weather recently has been great for washing fleece - I got a good 2-3kg of fleece washed in the last week.  This leaves me with just one dirty fleece to go, though it will be a doozy as it is a quite greasy Corriedale so it will take a bit of washing.

Pretty sock heel.  Now part of a full sock.

Hmm, wonder if I've got any pics of the current stuff in progress...

A lurid quilt top.

We had visitors on Sunday and will have different visitors tomorrow (oh crap, I'd better clean! I can tidy by tossing stuff in the study I guess...).  We show them the same stuff - they want to see stuff around here so we go to the Locks and then we go either to the beach or to Sunset Hill.

Smolt flumes.  Lots of little fish (smolts) in the water!
Plus we saw two harbour seals.

At least it is meant to be a little cooler tomorrow but it will still be sunny so this time DH had better remember to wear sunscreen.  I did but he got a fearsome burn on his neck...



  1. I agree- we need rain!

  2. I agree- we need rain!

  3. Hope you make something else from the frogged sweater--the yarn looks so nice knitted up!

  4. It's crazy how the past year has flown by so quickly!! And crazy that you're in need of rain. I looked for your house in that photo but couldn't find it. I love that sock heel, I can just imagine the sock is extra fabulous!!

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