Stop dying, people!

Another icon of the SF and fantasy world has fallen.  Death came to Sir Terry Pratchett, one of my favourite authors, and released him from this mortal coil.  Vale, Sir Terry!  You gave so many of us much to think about, and much to laugh at and with.  Thank you.

I admit that I am not anywhere near as sad about this as I was Leonard Nimoy.  pTerry was not such a part of my life I guess - I enjoyed many of his books (some I could barely get through - The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic were both so thick with puns and laughs that I could not read them, certainly not in public on the train) and his world view is one I share but I guess it comes down to me discovering his work when I was already grown up, and never having a crush on him.  Also Alzheimer's is a mongrel thing, and I share one other aspect of Sir Terry's beliefs.

In other news, umm... well what has been happening?  Not that much really - I've been getting outside to enjoy the glorious early Spring we are having.  Today I went up to the University of Washington campus to see the cherries, which I had read were in full bloom.  They aren't quite in full bloom, as you can see, but they are getting there.

I keep hoping that the ethereal beauty of the blossoms will translate to pixels but it doesn't really.  They are still lovely lovely trees, and this year there are a lot more signs asking people not to climb the trees (yes, people climb the trees or get their girlfriends to climb them or put their kids up them to take photos!).

Alas, it is supposed to rain on the weekend, so it will probably ruin the blossoms, but we might be lucky!  I might be able to get back up there mid next week.

We've had an amazing start to March - only a couple of manky days so far, but it looks like we are going back into normal weather over the next couple of weeks.  Normal weather means nice during the week and raining on the weekends, because that is of course when we want the weather to be nice!

I have done a few things - I went to IKEA and bought some things for the house and built them.  I love building IKEA stuff.  I love opening the boxes and seeing how carefully everything is packed

See how neat that packaging is?
I also love putting all the stuff together.  Admittedly I sometimes get things backwards but as long as I don't use glue I can usually turn it the right way around and make it good.

And my new little metal IKEA trolley just
fits my sewing machine and overlocker

I've been knitting a shawl and I finished a cardigan but haven't got modelled shots of it because I'm not dead sure I actually like it - it is a bit roomier than I thought it would be.  I really should remember not to knit stuff that hangs like a sack on me.  I haven't lost my figure (yet, though currently I'm eating like a horse so that may be on its way!) and things that bag on me just make me look bigger than I am.  But it is nice and warm and cosy... but I could make it slimmer fitting and then it would be better.  But can I be bothered?  (The yarn is worth it - was not cheap yarn!)

Here's a couple of little quilts that I finished six weeks ago:

Three other quilts are waiting for me to get off my butt and get them basted, quilted and bound.  Oh and another three quilts are in the same boat when I think about it.  I really have to pull my finger out and get onto them.  It's hard, though, when the weather is delightfully sunny (if not always delightfully warm) and outside beckons.

I've been working in the garden too.  I got sick of the two mounds in the front yard - one of sod that had been removed by the bobcat but was too heavy for me to drag around the back and the other of vegie/garden bed mix.  I decided to combine the two - I covered over sod mountain with newspaper and moved the mound onto it.  Now I have a raised garden bed that is nearly two feet high!  I think I'll sprinkle wildflower seed onto it and maybe plant a couple of perennials in it.  I've also planted four roses and a small apple tree (Ashmead's Kernel, my very favourite!).   The property manager for next door cut several limbs off our Douglas fir (with our permission and indeed encouragement because the quotes we had were $1,000 to do that work!) but now I have weeks worth of Douglas fir bits to dispose of through the greenwaste bin.  I can put a big brown paper bag of trimmings next to the bin and they should take it.   I just need to get the big bags.

Anything else?  Sunsets?  Lots of sunsets.  Lots of flowers.  I love this time of year, even if it means allergies and scratchy eyes.  That is what anti-histamines are for.



  1. Is your blog having a bit of a make over??? It looks brighter. Yes, MrsDrWho emailed me the cheery news to start my day. I disc-overed Pratchett in the early 90s, so I have always appreciated his humour and his world view. We were lucky to have him as long as we did. Now I am waiting for the third famous person. They come in threes. I love that his last tweet via his daughter was "the end". Indeed. We don't have Ikea here, though we can have it at the cheap price of $160 postage. Far too expensive for us. I love your picture with the blossoms, Very lovely. Cute quilts, I love the colopurs, so bright and cheery. I hope the Spring keeps springing.

  2. Even though it's tricky I love your attempts to translate the ethereal into pixels. Ahh pretty blossoms. I'm with you and Ikea, I'm always impressed at the way they design things to be flat packed and then with a few screws they become 3d furniture. Hello quilts!! Such fun colours and crinkly quilty loveliness. Enjoy the sunsets and flowers!!


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