Waves, I'm still here!

G'day all!

I've been slack and busy at the same time recently.  Sorry for not blogging!

Fab sunset from 17 Feb

I've also not had lots to say because:

a) the most exciting thing that has happened has been my colonoscopy, and
b) do you really want to know details of that?

Actually, the details aren't that gross....

I need to get some nice pics of the things I've been up to - I only remember to take pics under artificial light and my phone doesn't do so well then.

Pretty Seahawks Space Needle

I lie when I say only one exciting thing has happened.  Two exciting things have happened:

a) my colonoscopy, and
b) Spring has come early to Seattle, like 2-3 weeks earlier than normal.  I'm not going to send it back but I'm a bit worried because we are going to get close to freezing at night over the weekend and I've got a lot of plants budding out, if not actually flowering yet.  It's been a warm and sunny winter.
(I can't list c. because the Seahawks lost the Superb Owl)

Crocuses going nuts

So when I have decent pics of my knitting and quilting, I'll be back at you, showing them off.  Okay?



  1. Oh that picture of crocuses. I just want to shrink into a fairy and dance on those petals. Thanks for not showing photos of your colonoscopy :). Happy Spring!

  2. Autumn has not come here yet. I believe Spring will be very welcome in snowy America. Hmm, it's telling that your highlights include a colonoscopy!!!


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