We have a winner!

Gd'ay all!

Sorry for the delay in posting - I had clear forgotten about DH's BBQ.

I had ten comments of one form or another that weren't duplicated, so I sequentially numbered them one to ten, then stuck them in a random number generator I found online, and then

came out!

KittyKat, you are the winner!  You get your choice of one of:

a nice skein of yarn either from my stash or undyed or hand-dyed by me,
some Liberty fat quarters
a mug rug or similar (undoubtedly in bright colours because that is what I keep!)
a printed, matted photo of a pic from my blog or flickr.

Let me know - email me at natiel311atgmail (the last two characters before the at are ones, not Ls).

Have heaps to relate but no time to do it in at the moment.  Been a bit busy..



  1. Oh happy ten years of blogging, it has just flown by!!!

  2. Congratulations to KittyKat. She gets to choose from some awesome prizes!!


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