Two years

G'day all!

We've now been in Seattle for two years.

Wow.  Just wow.  Two years.  Where has the time gone?

The other day I was thinking about how I've become a lot more confident at navigating my way around the place.  Even just yesterday I (ahem) decided to try a different way to get to the "local" IKEA and ignored the way I've been using that maps recommended.  I did get there, with only one u-turn and that was because that particular exit of the interstate only let you turn right, not left.  The rest of it I made up as I went along.  It helps that many but not all of the roads around here are on a grid, even the ones with proper names rather than numbers.

The freedom machine, first on the ferry!

These days, I only use maps when I haven't been to a place before or am going to it from a different place or need very very specific details of where the place is.  Sometimes roads are one way only and that can make things extra fun.  It is nice not to rely on technology to get me somewhere, instead relying on my own brain.  I think it is important to be able to do this.  Memorisation of routes is a useful skill.  I was surprised how much I remembered of driving around Fort Collins in our visit back there in August, and a couple of years ago the trip back to San Jose was also surprisingly easy to navigate.

So what else has changed in the last two years? 

Well, we've become home owners, again - now we have two mortgages, not just one!  Yay?

Cool view on the way to Vashon Island.
I already miss the sun.

I've learned to walk around in the rain without an umbrella.  Sounds dumb?  I wouldn't go out in the rain without a brolly in Melbourne or Sydney but these days brollies are too much hassle, even if they do mostly keep the rain off my glasses.  I just trudge around half-blind in my big insulated rain coat with the hood up.  I still keep an umbrella in the car for emergencies but everywhere I go at the moment I'm either wearing my big purple raincoat or the blue one.  Occasionally I've been tempted to wear both.

I've learned the value of layers.  I was hoping to wear my woollies more often but I seem to be attached to my microfleece layering tops again.  Oh well.

I've also learned the value of nice, warm boots for trudging around in the rain.

A friend's little vineyard

I do seem to be fixated on rain at the moment, possibly because that is all we've had for the last day and is all that is in the forecast.  It is normal winter weather for here.  It could be a lot worse - we could be freezing with horrible ice storms.

Today I am also fixated on ouchies - I have new rehab exercises to do.  eg.  Stand with your back to a wall.  Make sure your core is braced.  Raise your arms "hands in the air" style and press them against the wall.  Push them overhead, keeping your forearms and hands against the wall.  Do this 20 times.  (It's like doing a snow angel only you are standing up against a wall.)  It sounds easy, doesn't it?  Go and try, I'll be here waiting.  (Hint - DH tried and he's a lot stronger than me, and he couldn't do them.)  After over a year of doing various bits of rehab, I'm a lot stronger than I was and even though I've got more muscle and haven't been able to do anything aerobic for months, I weigh about ten pounds less than I did when we moved here.  I guess that shows what using your largest muscles can do for you.

This burger clearly knew not what lay in store,
or maybe it did, which is why it is a bit crazed.
As long as it wasn't from mad cow disease....
We're developing friendships that are as good as any we've had anywhere else, even though we don't necessarily have a shared background.  We've been to a wedding (still thrilled about that!), shared meals, shared celebrations.  It is good to have friends.  Thanks, chaps!

A hasty shot of sunset on Vashon
 It has been one helluva ride and with any luck the fun will continue.



  1. Happy 2 years!! That's a great list of achievements! I'm picturing you running around in the rain. I stopped using an umbrella but then I felt unprotected against all the other umbrella users hitting me in the head with their umbrellas so I went back to an umbrella. That's Sydney Cbd for you. It IS cool that you've been to a wedding!!

  2. wow time does go fast,soo good to have your own home/house though,no more keeping everything spotless just in case of inspection

  3. Everything's coming up roses, Lynne! So glad to hear all your good news lately. And big congrats about the house! Can't wait to see pics as you make it your own.

    I know what you mean about the microfleece...even with all the hand-knitted woollens, sometimes when it's damp and breezy fleece just does the job better!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Where has the time gone??? It is so good to read that you have found your place, and a house and friends and your way to IKEA!!! I would quite like a little rain, all the vegetation is drying out and we have a week of hot weather coming. Excellent work on the muscle building!!!


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