G'day all!

I may be a bit excited.

We have keys!

Keys!  About to be changed keys!

We went up to our "new" house this evening and looked at what we want to do before moving in.  Painting is the main thing.

But what colours?  DH is really keen on BLACK for the living area! 

Lovely leaves and stone.
Nothing to do with our "new" house.

His proposal has been vetoed.  I have this power.  I want something light and bright because the room is pretty dull - we have a massive Douglas fir in the front yard but it is on the north side so whilst it dulls down the light, it doesn't actually shade the house.  The room is currently brown.

The bedroom will be a range of blues because we will keep our fish wall.  I am not keen on stapling felt to the lathe and plaster wall, however.  Am wondering if we will just use dots of sticky stuff.

Little Lady Liberty at Alki Beach

The study?  Dunno.  I am still keen on light/yellowy greens and yellow.  The bathroom is currently beige and I'm not really keen on that but do we want to change it yet?  What colour should it be instead?  A warm blue (there are such things)?  Buttery yellow (a warm yellow)?  The laundry is a non-colour and the kitchen what Australians would call lemon yellow - a light yellow, slightly acidic, but I think Americans call it butter.

I will share pics when I have decent ones - at the moment I just have a few quick snaps from outside on the phone, nothing inside.

Trees with invisible in this shot fairy lights.

Apart from that, what has happened recently?

I have an insane desire for
a dyed, holographic glitter poinsettia.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving, with many thanks to R&M.  There were two groups of people there - ones not from work and ones from work (plus hangers on like me).  It's nice to have family by blood and family by choice.  I'm still pretty pleased with myself for getting another (not my) work friend invited when it became clear to me that he was feeling a bit left out.  We had lots of food cos we all brought something - I made a GF/vegan rice "stuffing", a root (plus fennel) vegetable puree and a GF/vegan apple pie with crumble topping.

May I say that the apple pie rocked?  The others were ok, though the mash/puree was a little startling because I used unsweetened hemp milk (y'know the most vegan of vegan non-dairy milks) which turns out to have vanilla in it!  So it didn't really taste the way I expected it to...  LOL  I have roasted pie pumpkin to make a pumpkin pie out of too - I might see if I can squeeze that in tomorrow.

Almost sunset.

I also really need to get a new phone.  My poor old phone is starting to have issues with booting up - it randomly crashes (always has) and I pull the battery out of it to shut it down, replace the battery and restart it.  I've had it go through the start up cycle five times before booting the OS several times recently.  I'm likely to get a fablet - a Samsung Note 3 even if Samsung are becoming ebil and also put heaps of bloatware on the things.  Nexuses may have the cleanest OS in the Android world but they also have the most pathetic cameras and I'm not buying a phone with a crap camera because I use the camera all the time!  So that is another financial hit.  I think I'll go see T-mobile cos they have the best overseas options and I hope one day to travel again!  Ta-ta ATT!

Still almost sunset.  Alas I didn't get to see sunset
from here - someone else had a gut ache....

The weather forecast is looking frightfully exciting for the coming week.  Rain tomorrow then a cold front pushes through bringing arctic air in its wake.  It will be certainly less than fridge temp and probably below freezing for most of the week.  There is the chance of snow!  We didn't get snow all last winter, not in the lowlands of Ballard though Phinney Ridge at 300 feet did!  Of course this has to be the week we get our place!  Doh!  Just as well we have a dehumidifier and it has heating so that we can dry out the wet paint... once we paint...

We have seen the sun in living memory.

Hmm, not much else happening here.  I've been happily re-reading some of my stories.  They entertain me but nobody else - I'm not letting anyone else read my dross!

Small machine, big quilt.  Gloves are essential!
I've been thinking about buying a new sewing machine, one that is better for quilting on.  Alas the good specials come at the same time as we are at our poorest, and after reading things about how evil finance plans are for your credit score, I guess I'd best not get one.  Shame, because I'm having problems wrangling my current large quilt through the harp of the current machine.... but the machine still works (crosses fingers).

Binary quilt detail

The current quilt is pretty cool, eh?  It is for the binary challenge that the local modern quilt guild is holding.

Wider shot of quilt top before basting and quilting.

Oh, I went back to the otolaryngologist a couple of Fridays ago.  He looked at my vocal cords again and said he doesn't want to see me again, but give him a call before Christmas.  My right vocal cord is starting to work again - not consistently but on and off and is actually making its way across to the midpoint particularly when I say more than a word or two.  I still get breathless but nowhere near as badly as I was and I can almost keep up with DH when he walks places now, as long as the hill isn't too steep...  Then again I used to puff when walking up steep hills anyway!



  1. A huge congratulations on your new home!!! How very exciting!! You're very smart painting before you move in, I wish we had. I'm looking forward to hearing what colours you use, especially your fish wall, that sounds so fun! Hemp milk! Fancy that! I never heard of such a thing. The apple pie sounds delish!. Love your new quilt!! All those yummy greens.Your quilting looks great, even if it is a bit of a struggle. It's great to hear your vocal cords are getting better.

  2. Congratulations, how exciting!!! It will be wonderful to have your own home and be able to choose the colours and fish walls you like!! Painting before you move in is an excellent idea.
    I love the green quilt, of course, and yes, the best specials and bargains are always when I am poorest too. Glad your vocal cords are healing, I want to type chords!!!

  3. Oh I'm so excited for you! Did you sell the place in Noble Park? Trust Nathan to want a black living room :)

  4. Oh how exciting!!! is myn new blog too,I got locked out of other one


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