G'day all!

 Just a quickie here.

I realised I forgot my blogiversary, again!  I forget it every single year.

This blog is over nine years old now.  Next year it will hit double digits.  It is already in its tenth year.

Some of my readers have been around since the start, or near the start, and I'd like to thank them, even if I'm not sure exactly who you are!  LOL

Some readers haven't been around for long, but thanks for popping by anyway!  I'd like to know some of you better - I don't look at my stats enough and if you do leave a comment, the brokenness that is Blogger's commenting system (or the borkedness that is my inability to work out what to do with the commenting system) means I can't reply to people whose emails I don't have via my email (I should load my blog and answer from there - I think I can but I'm not sure).

But it doesn't mean I don't appreciate your comments!  Well not unless you are telling me about this super dooper special that is available RIGHT NAOW on your website... or that I can get special little pills for intimate times if I just follow this link...  those sorts of comments get sent to the circular file.

I often wonder about how much people know about me through this blog and how little I know about most of my readers - you are fairly anonymous.  I can't learn as much about you as you do about me unless you comment and your commenting profile links to a blog that is active.  I do maintain a bit of privacy - you don't get told everything that happens - do you really need to know the side effects of my new med and what it does to American plumbing?  LOL

I want to make a quilt with these colours now.
OK, not this very minute but one day.
Greens with pop of red and fuschia and salmon.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for reading, thanks for commenting and a really big thank you to those who have let me into their lives by blogging.




  1. Aw Shucks, Thanks for thanking us!! Congratulations on 9 years, that's a long time in blogging years!!

  2. I'm always happy when I see you have a new post. I love looking at all your beautiful pictures of flowers and scenery , your gorgeous sewing and knitting and hearing your travel tales and all about your car.
    Oh and the lovely cats!! Onward towards 10!!!

  3. Congratulations on nine years! You've certainly had some ups and downs. Hoping for your sake there are more ups than downs in the next nine years :-)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Keep's such an ab-fab blog! Thanks!


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