The Ides of July

G'day all!

I can't believe time is whizzing past so quickly.  I am a bit worried that it will suddenly be November again.  November at home is ok - weather can be anything, but the days are lengthening out.  Here in Seattle, it is the opposite and I am not real happy with November here, even if there is a local knitting convention that falls on my birthday again this year (yay!).

So I've been busy busy with work and then this week with work and then feeling average.  I think DH brought home a virus cos we've had very similar symptoms, just a few days apart.

I am feeling a little ripped off at the moment.  It seems we had summer in June cos ever since the fourth (of July) the weather has cooled off some and we've had a few days of gloom!  But today was glorious and just in time for the Ballard Seafood Fest.  It is an odd little festival, with a beer garden boasting locally brewed beer (and probably a few non-local but I didn't check,) a salmon cookout (fresh salmon is delicious!  I love it!  Cooked, of course... So much nicer than frozen, though good frozen can be quite enjoyable but fresh!  The oils, the yum!  If I cook it on the steak plate, it practically deep fries itself and is even yummier!), a number of arts and crafts stalls plus the local do-good societies of various types (one had OMG kittenses!  But I can't have kittenses!  I can't have a cat - I never know when I'll be moving home and I don't want to get some poor animal, bond with it and then throw it back to the humane society because I can't take it home without great expense and planning).  And then there are the food stalls.

Would you eat this cow?

Alas I didn't get a shot of the deepfried PB&J sandwich stall - there were too many heads in the way.

You will note that the sky is a lovely blue - the cloud cleared late yesterday and it has been lovely ever since.

Perfect weather for a wedding!  One of Nathan's workmates got married to his sweetheart today and it was lovely.  Such a lovely, happy wedding.  We got to talk to some very interesting people too.  And there was nerdery.  Much nerdery.

I may have brought Kirk and Spock home with me.  But not the tie fighter.  I figured the groom might be a bit unhappy with me if I stole one of his toys.

I have discovered a new and wonderful appliance.

How on earth could anyone's life not be complete if you had a "wax vac"?  Of course I left it on the shelf.  I prefer my life to be incomplete, clearly.

I've wandered and ridden along the shipping canal.  Last night I saw salmon leaping near the Fremont Bridge.  It was quite weird - I've been told they don't feed but I have no idea why fish would breach if they were not feeding.

I have spent more than a week in tie dye - hooray!  Before the wedding today I wore tie dye but alas Blogger has a weird thing that won't let me load certain pics and that pic is one of those pics....  Anyway, I didn't tie dye these myself, but I did tie dye today's top (it would look quite different cos it was my first tie dye tshirt!).

(PS those are not gratuitous shots of my chest for self-promotion purposes - as you can see, there is not a lot to advertise!)

I had a lovely wander down the beach at a very low tide.

We took DH's intern and a friend for a drive to one of our favourite places - Mt Rainier.  Gosh we love Mt Rainier.  By the end of the month, it will be in full bloom.  As it was, we saw plenty of flowers, just the phone pics are pretty average....

Box Canyon on Mt Rainier.
It's deeper than it looks (about 30m).
?Tatoosh? Range and my car
The Mountain was out!
Query - underdressed?

Still a little snowy.

Mineral Lake.  Ah the serenity.
The extra-low tides we have been having had a fascinating side effect - the salmon got stuck in some of the different levels of the fish ladder.  This particular bay was seething with them.

Fish ladder, now with fish!
 The sun is already starting to return down the Olympic Peninsula.  As it sets, the sun slides northwards quite amazingly.  When it is clear here, it is glorious.  At quarter to ten, the sky is still quite light, there is still colour on the horizon - it is fantastic.  Winter, of course, makes up for this....

Ah summer sunsets - so loooong.

Berry season!  Need more blackcaps and tayberries.
I see some jam making in my future.  I bought a small bottling set today and with the bottles I already have... I'm not very good at making jam but it will entertain me.  I'm worse at eating it than I am at making it, actually, cos I try not to eat too much sugar.

I might have pics of a couple of new quilts and a summer knit by the time I blog next.  It isn't like I don't have the odd thing to blog about, I just get busy or distracted.



  1. You've had a busy month!! The festival looks super fabulous and the wedding sounds lovely. You certainly have a great collection of tie dye tshirts !I always love your photos of beautiful vistas. Have fun making jam!!

  2. Very good wedding!! Nice tie-dye work too. I did not think you were thrusting your assets forward at all, very 80s colours!!
    Ear candles are popular here, my like in incomplete too, I have waxy ears and just live with them.
    The food fest looks and sounds wonderful. I love salmon, we have such nice fresh fish here.
    No, it would be too sad to leave a kitten, make friends with ones you meet.
    Hope you are both feeling very well.


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