Friday Harbor

G'day all!

I am sitting in the Rumor Mill in Friday Harbor (yes, I am using the american spelling as both are names spelt in the local fashion) on San Juan island.  I have already discovered that at this time of the season, ninety percent of the eateries are closed... But this place can feed me!

The ferry ride was tranquil. Once we got into the rain shadow it was much nicer and drier.  Within five minutes of getting on the boat I had located another knitter headed for the retreat and then late in the ride realised I could see two more knitters.

I have no idea if the pics are good or not, I'm on the phone and pics on the phone are always interesting to integrate into a post or even view properly (eg, one of those pics is a panorama, or should be but I can't see it).

I am hoping to stay connected with the outside world via internet whilst I'm away. The resort doesn't have mobile coverage but does have wireless internet and I brought the work laptop. What, you think I can spend five days without the net?



  1. Beautiful pictures! everything matches your sites design nicely (:

    Sounds like you are having fun; it's good that you brought your laptop so you can relay the sights to us readers, but try not to block yourself out completely from the lovely scenery you are clearly surrounded by! We tend to take things like that for granted; no thanks to our imposing technological devices!

  2. Wow! What a beautiful place!! Enjoy!!

  3. Oh, it is so lovely, have a nice resort time!!

  4. Yup. Totally jealous :)


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