Another long time between drinks

G'day all!

Apologies.  I've been so busy!

But I bear news.  Good news.

One of the things that has kept me soooo busy is in the mail.  I don't know if he ever looks at my blog so I won't post pics yet, but soon.  Well probably after Easter given even with second top level express mail it isn't guaranteed to get to Oz before the third of April!  Boo hiss to that!  I have no idea why the post in Washington state takes an extra week to get out of the States but it is dreadfully slow from here.

So I have a little more time to do other things now that that big thing is out of the way.

In more important news, I had my 2.5 year checkup today.  They had forgotten to schedule me, so I am glad I rang last week.

Bloods, chest xray, mammo, nurse physician check up (no oncologist as she isn't available until May).

Bloods and chest xray are fine.

Mammo is fine, but then I get called back in.  They need more shots on the left side.

Oh dear.

And then MORE shots.

Oh dearie dearie dear.


By this stage I am freaking.  OMG, if I need to do chemo again, I'm going to have to go back home.  But DH is doing pretty well, mostly, at work, kicking goals and is mostly very happy there.  I couldn't go through chemo again with no family and very few friends.  I could cope with surgery and radiotherapy but chemo is brutal, at least for me it was.

So then I had to get an ultrasound, and I'm waiting for the biopsy cart to come in and freaking madly, almost blubbing.

The ultrasound calmed me down.  I could look at the screen and I couldn't see any black holes (tumours).  The only hole I saw was one of my ribs.  The sonographer saw nothing either and then the radiologist said nope, nothing suspicious.  The spot on the mammo looks like dense breast material (probably fibrocysts) and is an artefact.

My blood pressure was still 126 over 76 when I got to the nurse practitioner but they said that was fine, especially after the extra long time in the screening area.  They expected higher.

Bloods are good.  Chest xray is good.  Physical examination is good.

Now if only my stupid lower back would stop going into spasm, things would be totally grand.  Oh yeah, and my now a month overdue work thing was done - I have pretty much done all I can at this point, I only have about another three hours of work before someone else has to do the programming/functionality stuff.

So what have I been up to recently?

I've taken many lots of flower pictures.  Spring has sprung here,

the cherry plums are madly blooming, 

the daffs are amazing and I saw my first 


anemones and 

(normal) tulip today.  

I saw these pointy, weird tulips on Monday.

Daffs by the shipping canal in Fremont
A rhododendron? Half mollis azalea
half rhodo?

The cherries are about to start and I have to go to the university and see if the cherries are going in a quadrangle there - they are quite spectacular in bloom.

It snowed on the car on the way to the check up this morning.  Little balls of puffy weird ice snow.  That was exciting, especially since I was inside the nice warm car and the snow wasn't sticking.

Last weekend we went to La Conner on Sunday afternoon to see a quilt exhibition (Kaffe Fassett and Brendan Mably).  That was interesting, seeing Kaffe's quilts close up and knowing that his sweat and tears, possibly even blood had been quilted into some by his very own hands!  Brendan Mably had some knitted garments on display too.  Of course the exhibitors were not on hand.  Then there was a fabric stash sale on across the road and I spent waaaay too much time and cash there, and then we walked along the main drag, absolutely starving because it was 5pm and we hadn't had lunch yet.  Alas all the shops were shut but not the taverns and grills so we found a place to eat.

Historic downtown La Conner

La Conner is pretty and would be lovely on a day when the wind isn't apparently coming from the Arctic (even though it was from the south west), and a total tourist trap.  My pics weren't great because it was too cold to hang around.  We will go back another day and explore.

zomg!  The frog on the toadstools!
zomg!  The frogs leaping at each other!

Oh, and if you can ignore the reflections, can you see the frogs in this pic?  I soooo want them.  They are glass I think.   They are so gorgeous!  Plus they remind me of one of my fave books, Threshold.

I have to go back and see what other things I've rambled about and when I posted last!  I thought I'd have socks to report, but maybe I've already done them. But really life has been pretty dull.  Work and quilting have taken up most of my time recently, and crawling around cos my back is playing up.  It really slows me down, literally.  I can't walk fast or anything.  I guess I now have to get onto that stupid tax website that we have to put all of our details into, all of them.  It is tedious and annoying - if you ask for help, half the time it logs you out and you can't log back in again for hours.  I am very over it.

Oh and happy two days past equinox!  I've not seen sunset for a few days now but the sun is really zooming up the Olympics now.

Goodness, it is a tiny pic!  Click to embiggen.
All in all, I am glad to say I am still here and probably will be for a while.  This is pleasing to me, and maybe to you as well!

Sunset over Olympics a week ago.



  1. Congratulations on your test results. Such a traumatic process to go through but with an enormous amount of relief at the end no doubt. The pictures of Spring springing up are lovely, we are in the early stages of Autumn and the leaves are slowly changing colours and falling from the trees :-)

  2. I'm thrilled you are still here. There. You know what I mean! I would have been having a blub myself waiting for those tests. Gaun yersel' though! (That means "you go girl" in my vernacular!)

  3. Really pleased to hear about your test results. Wonderful news.

  4. Super fab news about your test results!! The quilt show sounds awesome,. it would be great to see Kaffes quilts in person. It's wonderful see spring bursting out in bloom. It's getting very autumny here.. Lovely sunsets too!

  5. Wonderful super news!! Hope things continue upwards for you and other half!!

  6. I'm sorry your back is playing up, but what good news about your check up. I would be very teary and panicky, you did do well to remain blood pressurely calm!! I hope the nice Spring weather, and flowers, continues!!

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