G'day all!

The weather is glorious here at the moment.  Cold - below freezing at night and if we are lucky hitting 4C at best during the day, but it is sunny with very little wind and is dry and gobsmackingly gorgeous.

If I can't have warm, I'll happily have brrr! with sun :-)

People are asking if I miss summer at home and given Melbourne has been hitting around 40C then dropping to 25C and then back up again, I think I'll put up with freezing and sun... given I'm a bit of a lizard and love the heat, that is saying something, isn't it?

Frost!  Hoar frost!

Looking east at the Ballard locks


Great bikini weather!  It's hitting 37F some days.
Girls, get your gear off and into one of these little numbers....
I love the way the shops bring in such appropriate clothing whilst putting the winter clothing on clearance/sale.  (I picked up some bargains, but not in bikinis so you can live without fear of me showing them off.)

A light frost

Sun sun sun over Aurora Bridge

Shoulda rotated this
I saw this Dale of Norway pullover hanging on the rack at the op shop and swooped down on it like an avenging angel.  It is an XXL but whatever.  It is magnificent.  It is a design created for the Lake Placid Goodwill Games in 2000.  I should do a blog post on it but others have already done them.  Still... $13 plus tax for a US $250+ pullover.  I saw one online on ebay that sold for $96.  This one is almost perfect - it may have been worn briefly but not for long.

Can any regular reader guess who I was
thinking of when I bought this fabric?
I may have acquired some more fabric.  This is only a little of it.

Socks on their recipient's feet.  He says they are tight.
I finally got pics of DH's new socks on his feet (my legs are not that hairy!).  He wore them anyway.  They are knitted out of a yarn supposedly coated with aloe vera - On your toes (good name for a sockyarn eh?).  I know it was not soft enough for me aloe vera or not.  Anyway now he can wear lime orange socks.

Fremont Troll with chalk.
After a year of being here, I finally got a semi-decent shot of the Fremont Troll.  Alas, someone had decorated him.  And yes, he is very big because that is a real VW beetle under his hand.

Parallel parking on a steep hill :-)
There was a car close in front.
So did anything happen this week of note?  We had a lovely dinner with DH's boss and his wife - it was a very ADD conversation with lots of jumping from one topic to another and excited gabbing.  LOL  That night there was a windstorm which really picked up during the 15 minutes it took me to drive from home into Belltown.  I was worried that there was something wrong with the car - he was wobbling strangely - until I parked him and discovered I could not open the door into the wind...  I had to wait until the gust had died down.

I've knitted a lot more than this now.

I knitted a bit on my new top.  I really should take a new pic of it, now that I am more than halfway, maybe even being 2/3rds of the way through.  I am knitting an Elfe using recycled green yarn and a steel grey cotsoy.  I finished off a quilt and have another basted, ready to go, plus another one to be basted and quilted.  And I want to make




but I've also got a story battering at me and I have paid work to do and I really need to vacuum the place from end to end and tidy and I want to make a skirt out of op shop pullovers and and and... and it is nice outside and I have to keep going for walks because I have to when it is nice - there is plenty of meh weather here to keep me inside.

Me?  Organised?  Spending my time wisely?



How was your week?



  1. I too would prefer cold over heat: it makes exercising much more comfortable. The heat wave from a few days ago only lasted half a day in Sydney, but it felt like standing in front of an open oven door

  2. omgosh. what gorgeous photos!
    i especially love the one with the frost!
    makes me miss snow!

    Redheaded Daybook


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