G'day all!

I was looking at someone's blog and thought I'd play along with the 2012 reverb she had joined.  Now that I'm doing it, I'm not so sure about doing it but it might give me and you some insight!

Day 1: How are you starting (the month)?

By running frantically, trying to get stuff done for a work conference.  It got done in time :-)  Then I slacked off somewhat, well focused on something else - making Christmas presents.  They are now (mostly) sent off so I can get more work done and clean up the house for Christmas.

Day 2: Your most significant outlay?

For the year?  Hmm, either moving here to Seattle or buying a new car (cos we couldn't get a second hand one as the sort we wanted is extremely popular.  I have to say I seem to have accumulated a certain degree more yarn and fibre and quilting material and rain coats and books and pictures and plants and ....

Day 3: What do you really wish for? Imagine a scenario where you only had one year left to live. What is one thing that you really wish to do that you just haven't had the chance to accomplish yet? What steps could you take (however small) to ensure that you accomplish this thing in 2013?

This is a bit of a trigger question for me.  I've already faced this as a possible outcome for me.  Two years and four months ago, I had an extremely aggressive breast cancer cut out of me.  I'm still getting regular check ups, though if I get through to August next year with no problems, I am reasonably unlikely to have secondaries suddenly pop up (unless of course they are already growing).

So I am not going to contemplate the question as it stands - I've already done that.  I don't really wish to return to it.

Instead I'll ask myself what do I really wish for?

For me?  Ten sets of hands so I can knit up some of the yarn I have?  Time to craft and make all the things I'd like to make?  The courage to set some of my creations free out in the world?  The knowledge that at least one person loves me enough to never leave?  I'm not sure what I want more than anything else.

For the world?  The ability for people to see what needs to be done and having the will and the guts to do it, to ensure that their children and their children's children, etc, have a world in which to live.

Day 4:
How are you going to celebrate your self this festive season?

Hmm, this is another of those questions that sounds a bit airy fairy to me.  Here's my airy fairy answer.  I'm going to stay true to myself.  I'm going to set some things up so I can get more things done and feel less owned by my stuff.

Day 5: What was your dream destination in 2012 and why? It can be a town, city, country or region -- real or imaginary -- and doesn't matter if you actually got there or not!

I contemplated this one for a while, then realised what it was.

London, for the Olympics, to see my nephew swim in the 200m breaststroke final.  Alas, he did not make the Olympic team (though by the sounds of the shenanigans some of the team got up to, it is just as well).

Day 6: What did you learn?  Compare the “you” from the beginning of 2012 to the “you” that you are now. What new skills or talents have you learned or discovered this year?

I can free motion quilt now - didn't think I could at the start of the year.  Umm. what else have I learned?  That I can survive in a climate like Seattle's (though at the moment half the time I just want to hibernate).  Am I that different to how I was at the start of the year?  Have I changed?  I don't really know.  I might be a bit more chatty but that relates to a certain isolation because moving and making friends again is difficult.  I am a lot more confident about finding my way around here and dealing with stuff.  I can also go for a walk in the rain without an umbrella thanks to my many raincoats.  I only had one when I moved here, now I have four.  Not one of them is black.

Day 7: What's the one thing you want to take with you into 2013?

Good health.  I want to continue to dance with NED (no evidence of disease).


Well, that is the lot for the week on reverb.

OK, currently I am peeved.  I got a parcel from Knipicks and I was excited because I ordered a really cute mitten kit.

Well they must've sold out before they filled my order because they did not show up.


I was really looking forward to getting them.  They are sooo pretty.  I can buy the e-pattern instead but I thought the kit was a good deal.  (It was a great deal, actually.)  I got another kit but I wasn't quite sure about it and now am more meh about it.  However, it did come with ten balls of various colours  of Stroll (sock yarn), some with glimmer in them so I can knit a cardigan with them instead if I decide I don't want to make a shawl from it.

I promised to share some quilts with you ages ago, didn't I?

Hooray, I uploaded three of the quilt pics I took out at Golden Gardens - I have a lot more but they are on the work laptop and it is asleep at the moment and I can't be bothered waking it up, uploading pics and then sending it back to sleep again.

With a name like Golden Gardens, would you expect to see this:
The trees are gold but not the sand
and Golden Gardens is a beach?
I lugged all the quilts I finished out to get shots of them.  I wandered around and then found the right place.  Yes?

Beauty shot looking out at the Olympics.

I started this quilt quite some time ago, as a quiltalong with Rachel of PS i quilt.  I like to jump on board with quiltalongs, especially when there are prizes involved.  I have no idea why I do this over and over as I never win anything.  At least I learn a bit along the way and eventually end up with something I think is very pretty.

This poor quilt waited for about 18 months for me to make it a backing and then quilt it and bind it.  Once I decided to do it, I went for it!

I really like the back.  I had to make some more squares.

I think it was worth the wait.  By the time I took these pics, I had been using it for about a month and had already had to wash it gain.

Detail.  I only quilted the white squares.
 I free motion quilted the white squares only using a squiggle pattern.  That was fun.  It also means only about half of it is quilted, which made it go a lot quicker!

This could be the beach anywhere
except for the pine trees....

We had two superb days in a row a month ago.  We've only had one completely clear day since, and oh boy could I do with a good dose of sun.  The sun is now setting at 4:18pm, yes FOUR in the afternoon, and there is a ridge between us and the horizon, plus it is usually cloudy.  At least sunset doesn't get any earlier - it's as early as it gets.  It actually will be a little later by the time solstice comes along, but sunrise will be close to 8am then instead of quarter to.  I love watching the pattern of sunrise and sunset change, though I have to say I'm not too keen on the results in winter... Sunrise at 5:16am and sunset at 9:14pm in summer though is pretty grand :-)

OK, that will do you - it is a lot to go on with!



  1. So fun to read your answers. I like that none of your 4 raincoats are black. Love your quilt!!! What a great idea to just quilt the white squares. Beautiful setting for photos too.


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