Skipping out on work

G'day all!

After a vastly productive day yesterday, when I finished off two little cardigans that have been waiting for seaming or the last little bits of button bands being knitted, today was a little slow.

It was my first day back at work and I quite frankly did not have five hours of emails to read before the weekly meeting.  Instead I skipped out on work and decided to go to the post office via the shops.

I got my comeuppance.  I was standing in the cute little drygoods store, looking at fabric (to send in a care package!) when I brushed my hand on my front.


I looked at my fingie and it looked like it had a bindii (a spiked seed) in it.  Then I realised it had a poison sac not a seed attached to it and sure enough, there was a bee minus her bottom crawling on my front.... sigh.  So I scraped the stinger out carefully with my thumbnail, avoiding pumping more venom in and Keli was horrified and ran downstairs to the cafe to see if they had any bicarb (baking soda) but they only had ice.  She was so apologetic but it was not her fault a bee thought my tie dye tunic was a flower....

Both of us were gratified that I do not appear to be anaphylactic to bee stings.  Doesn't mean it didn't hurt and doesn't mean that I didn't have my usual wobbly attack - certain pains give me a vasovagal response of varying strength.  This one was not bad, but I still decided I should go home and a) put bicarb on it to see if that helped and b) ice it and c) eat/drink something to ward off this stupid vasovagal response.  I have been taking antihistamines every day so I didn't bother with another.

So that will teach me to be naughty and not do work (of which there was little to do anyway)!

I have not completely finished the two cardigans - they need buttons yet - but maybe by tomorrow night I will have sewn the buttons on.  Maybe.  They've waited a year or so for me to get this far - one I was knitting 18 moths ago, the other I knitted in Sydney some time after September.... Then I need to get better shots of them than me pointing the phone camera at myself and hoping I've gotten the lighting, direction and focus right.  My phone does have a forwards pointing camera too but it is pretty woeful and doesn't even get good web shots, only phone screen shots.

In other little ramblings, I was very surprised to see this large purple slug on my green cauli this evening.  I know there are banana slugs, along with other massive slugs, around here - I've seen them - but purple slugs?


Or maybe it was a purple bean, sweating in the evening warmth.  Yes, summer has reached our little corner of the world - it will hit 30C later this week and I am most impressed.  I am also going to buy a box fan lest we die of the heat (our place gets impressive solar gains, aka heat, and hangs on to them well too), assuming the place below with its savings still has them in stock.

Extra bonus saving there!

 what a savings!  (Youtube link.  Alan Rickman.  Mmmm)  Pity about the grammar...

Anyway, I was so pleased to get those two cardigans almost finished.  They have been hanging around and waiting for months, so it feels pretty good to have two more FOs.  And I wove in all the ends of the recent shawl knitalong, so I have to model it too.  It has given me ideas for another cardie - I seem to be loving making cardies at the moment.  Pity that I don't have many tshirts to wear them with - nice little cardies don't go very well with tie dye tops.

Yes, I wear tie dye.  Surprised?  I love my rainbow tie dye.  When we were away, DH, FiL and I wore tie dye tshirts and we got lots of comments, all positive.  MiL said she did not feel left out - she has purple streaks in her silver hair.  :-)



  1. This is a very action packed post!! you got stung by a bee!!! Ouchh!! Is is really a purple slug, my imagination says it is but my practical mind says its a purple bean. Congratulations for finishing 2 cardis!! I don't see why they can;t be worn with colourful tie die tshirts.

  2. I am not surprised at all you like tie-dye!! I am surprised at the dangerous animals: a bee and a purple worm?? That can't be good. I always taste blood in my mouth if I hurt myself badly. A metallic yucky taste. I hope your finger is better now. Thank you for Alan Rickman, he's always welcome!!


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