Such a slacker

G'day all!

I am such a slacker!  We've had internet since Saturday night and I still have not blogged.

I've been a busy bee.  I've been trying to find places to put our air shipment of stuff.  Yes, we have drawers and things in the rental furniture, but if I put much away in them, then I'll just have to get it back out again when our furniture arrives and the rental stuff goes.  We are also accumulating stuff at a rate of knots.  It is amazing how much household stuff one needs when one moves countries.

We went to the Northwest Flower and Garden show on Sunday.  I thought Nathan might be bored but he said it was the best $20 he's spent in ages (and can I say we have been spending money on some most excellent things).  He took about 500 photos of the display gardens.  I took pics on the phone cos I forgot to bring the point and shoot.  If you hop over to Google + and look at my stream (under my name, not my username) then you'll see some of the pics I took.  But... you have to be in my friends circle to see most of them.  Some I've sent to public.  (So let me know if you need to be circled or want an invite.  I use G+ mainly because google already Knows All about me and my phone uploads the pics there ready to be shared.  Plus I know a lot of googlers.)

I've been out with another me I discovered at the garden show.  We've gone to a thrift store (goodwill, op shop, call it what you will) and for a walk along the foreshore.  I may or may not have bought four more op shopped cashmere sweaters.  Ahem.
These cashmere sweaters may have followed me

I have finished one cowl

Mmm, Manos merino.
Pity it is still too itchy for my neck.
and am well on the way to knitting another. 

I have turned the heel on a sock. 
Please don't ask me which yarn it is.
I have to find the other skein and the label....

I've been up to the U district (University of Washington) and wandered around there a little, but the day I went was not ideal for walking as a few showers wandered through.  However, I did find another yarn shop that also has a few spinning and weaving supplies.  I may have bought yarn.... some of which I am already using.

Last night I went to the Bad Woman Yarn knit night.  One of our friends lives in the same complex and we have dinner somewhere local, then I hang out with the knitters and DH hangs out with his mate, and everyone is happy.  And guilty because I umm, might have bought some yarn.  Quite a bit of yarn....

A luscious bag of yumminess

Aran weight, for a fair isle cardie

DK weight also for a fair isle cardie

This morning a charming Texan with flaming red hair, dreads and piercings (I will not speculate how many or where) came and fixed our leaking loo.  He said I have a "real pretty accent."  LOL  Maybe my accent is cute but my voice is not.  After saying that, he ran away.  I've never seen a guy run so fast.  Maybe I have a cute accent but I must be quite scary.

I've booked a rental car for the weekend.  I want to drive down to Tacoma and go to the marketplace and book signings at the Madrona Fibre retreat.  I hope to catch up with at least one friend there.  Also it means we can go get some of the bigger stuff that I really just can't carry home on the bus.  Admittedly I've only booked the wee-est car Enterprise has (Chevy Aveo/Holden Barina) but that is still plenty big enough to carry a fair amount of stuff, especially since it is a hatchback.  And you would be surprised by where these little cars can go. cough



  1. Nice cowl, you will get some wear if it is chilly!! Oh you must be such an expert packer and unpacker now!! It will be nice to have everything settled though. Now I know why it is called Bad Woman knitting, that's a lot of nice wool!!
    Perhaps Americans are easily frightened by accents? I am amazed at how easily you whizz about on the wrong side of the road!!!

  2. Lovely yarn :)

    Americans seem to be mesmorized by accents. I had a ball in the hospital as they were treating me like a foreign object.


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