More autumn and too cute

G'day all!

This is yet another random post. It has been (mostly) a beautiful autumn week here. From Tuesday to yesterday it has been fine and sunny, though increasingly hazy and working on a tad of smog. Today has dawned a bit damp.

In celebration of our weather here, well until today, I give you pictures of my commute into town. Yes, sounds boring but I hope I have some lovely shots for you ;-) Then we'll have some almost actual real sorta knitting content! Y'see I got a parcel! It is a luverly parcel too :-)

Oh the glory of the morning mists!

This is the major thoroughfare to the east of Melbourne. It crosses right under Richmond station,w here I swap trains to get a Flinders St direct train. At the top left of the picture is the Nylex clock, a Melbourne landmark for many many years. The mob who own it wanted to get rid of it cos it cost too much to maintain but a heritage order was put on it, so they continue to maintain it as it is.... The pinoaks have coloured up well.

The tallest building in Melbourne turns into some sort of weird picture of Mummy drawn by a four year old when reflected in the Yarra

Ah, reflections....

The Southbank footbridge, with BAWOON! The light towers you can see are the MCG's, the seat of sport in Melbourne

BAWOONS set down in Olympic Park - see how hazy it is? The tennis centre, where they hold the Australian Open, is on the left, and the coloured trees in the foreground are in the botanic gardens.

On a different note, my good friend, Dreamcatcher, sent me a little parcel of (mostly) Welsh goodies:

Yep, that is some Fyberspates sock yarn (my first!) in Foxglove and some sheepish souvenirs and a card of weird algal rocky moundy things - most cool! The larger sheep is called Shaun, of course. Thank you, Dreamcatcher!

Cheshire had to come and check it out from an unusual angle:

These little cuties are a bit bigger than my thumbnail. I have given them a very inventive name, not - Mr and Mrs Sheepses. I would run a competition to get them a better name but I haven't finished sending off parcels yet and am feeling a tad poor. LOL. I love 'em and they are likely to grace pictures of any new fibre acquisitions.

Finally, I leave you with a picture of our green-eyed tree monster:

Nutmeg had some Ideas that she would be able to catch the wattle bird in the liquidamber, but really! These birds are smart! Smarter than our little Nut I think.....



  1. Anonymous5:34 pm the drawing of mummy by a 4 year old.. I looked at it and thought "she is so right"

    Cute sheepies!!

  2. Thanks so much for the pics of Melbourne. A former Victorian, Autumn is the one season I really miss!

  3. I really love the photos of Melbourne. I went there when I was really little so it was lovely to see it again. You live in such a beautiful place!

  4. Anonymous3:33 am

    Beautiful pictures. Really.

  5. We lived in the Riverina as cockies and I miss the misty mornings(especially over a wheat crop)!
    That Fibrespates (hope that spelt right)oooooh I WANNNNT SOOOOMME,
    I saw that same colourway on a English bloggers site and it looked gorgeous knitted, where did you get it?

  6. Anonymous10:43 am

    Whew- catching up with bloglines!! First, all your misty morn pictures, and kitty pictures are incredible! Beautiful prezzies - it is so appropriate that you receive a care package after all the good karma that you've sent into the world!

    Your sockies (from yesterday's post) are gorgeous! I envy your great public transit system.

  7. Ooh such beautiful photos, with the morning mist. Thos ekind of views make you glad to be alive.

    Glad the little sheepses and socky yarn reached you in one piece :-) They are so cute. You know where we found them? In the steam railway shop right bang next door to Colinette :-)

  8. Lovely, artistic pictures! It's so much fun to see everyone's surroundings...

    What a great care package! The Family Sheepsies are awfully cute.


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