Wednesday, August 28, 2013


G'day all!

 Just a quickie here.

I realised I forgot my blogiversary, again!  I forget it every single year.

This blog is over nine years old now.  Next year it will hit double digits.  It is already in its tenth year.

Some of my readers have been around since the start, or near the start, and I'd like to thank them, even if I'm not sure exactly who you are!  LOL

Some readers haven't been around for long, but thanks for popping by anyway!  I'd like to know some of you better - I don't look at my stats enough and if you do leave a comment, the brokenness that is Blogger's commenting system (or the borkedness that is my inability to work out what to do with the commenting system) means I can't reply to people whose emails I don't have via my email (I should load my blog and answer from there - I think I can but I'm not sure).

But it doesn't mean I don't appreciate your comments!  Well not unless you are telling me about this super dooper special that is available RIGHT NAOW on your website... or that I can get special little pills for intimate times if I just follow this link...  those sorts of comments get sent to the circular file.

I often wonder about how much people know about me through this blog and how little I know about most of my readers - you are fairly anonymous.  I can't learn as much about you as you do about me unless you comment and your commenting profile links to a blog that is active.  I do maintain a bit of privacy - you don't get told everything that happens - do you really need to know the side effects of my new med and what it does to American plumbing?  LOL

I want to make a quilt with these colours now.
OK, not this very minute but one day.
Greens with pop of red and fuschia and salmon.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for reading, thanks for commenting and a really big thank you to those who have let me into their lives by blogging.



Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Apparently I'm not a hermit

G'day all!

Thanks for the concern!  I wish I didn't need it.  I am over being special, though my body isn't yet.

I have been trying to find things to do that do not require lots of breathing or talking.  This is harder than you might expect because after a while I want to be energetic and I want to talk to people.  It turns out I am not a hermit after all.  Actually I never thought I was.

I have been knitting.  I have almost finished the current cardie - only a few ends to weave in now and the buttons to put on.  I am tempted to wash it before I weave in the rest of the ends - I wove them in as I went but I'm not sure if I've woven them in enough if that makes sense.  Goodness, the buttons were a saga but now I know where to find the second closest Joann's.  I had thought there was a closer one but couldn't find it.  (The closest one is a short walk away but alas the closest one only had three of the buttons I wanted, not 11, and of course they come on cards now instead of in tubes unless you buy from the LYS/button shop but they didn't have what I wanted.)  I am halfway through the next top and a new sock for DH is partway through the heel turn.  I may have another top on the needles too and plans for a cowl made out of a lovely silk yarn I bought in Colorado.

The phone lied - the sock is brighter than this!

I even bought some beads because I figured if I am going nuts from not enough things to do, stringing beads is soothing and entertaining.  Today at the bead shop I found some pretty special beads and just you wait until you see the stitch-markers I am going to make :-)

A slightly uneven necklace, still pretty.

I have been quilting, or at least piecing two quilt backs, and basting quilts.  I must remember to prewash fabrics if possible because whatever sizing is on the unwashed stuff really disagrees with my hands - my fingers dry out to the point of cracking.

Started this quilt two years ago (!!)
We were in Sydney then.

Many whinings follow, so you'd best go find something else to do.  I'm whining here because I can't whine in real life - my voice just won't let me!  I'd skip the writing and just look at the pretty flowers and other pics.

Sunset!  Ahh....  Feel the serenity!

So I trawled off to the doc's again last Wednesday - had to get DH to make the appointment.  Why? I had no voice.  I also have breathing issues that I closely associate with having no or very little voice.  Something's going on with my larynx/vocal cords.

Beautiful dahlia.

The doc looks at me, I look at her, she says, "What's going on?" I croak, "I dunno but I've got some reflux" and she puts me on an acid blocker, a cheap one, not the fantastic one I had when I was on chemo (which apparently costs $800 here in the States - Oz's pharmaceutical benefits scheme is a wonderful thing).  Reflux can burn the vocal cords and ruin your voice and have some interesting other side effects like give you sinus pain, especially if you have the gaseous sort of reflux rather than the wet sort.  Hmm...  When I read up on the symptoms, umm, yeah, that sounds me.

A bunch of single dahlias

What is really driving me crazy is it's hard to talk to people and I can't exercise.  If I talk much, my voice hurts, what little voice I have.  I can't walk and talk at the same time - I can't get enough breath.  If I walk up stairs, I have to breathe more before I start and breathe more when I end, and I have to breathe carefully.  I can't walk fast cos I can't get enough air into my lungs.  My cough is pathetic and my sneezes are odd too.  If I turn my head, my voice is no louder than a whisper, if that.  Sometimes it doesn't work at all.  If there is any noise, I can't be heard over it.  Until today I couldn't speak a whole sentence longer than about 15 syllables without having to stop and gasp in some more air.

Another magnificent dahlia

I'm practically an invalid but I don't feel ill, I just can't blasted breathe and talk properly.  And I keep forgetting this because I don't feel ill - I have none of the lethargy and crud that keeps you from overdoing things when you are unwell.  So I take off and then realise that all I want to do is breathe!  It is quite terrifying feeling like you can't breathe, and in that state you tend to breathe even more poorly.

My quacker is a lot louder than me.
Currently, anyway.

Not our duck - ours was noisier!

We went on the Ducks on Sunday, which was great fun, but before it people were asking where's so and so gone and they could not hear me telling them they'd gone to the bog.  I was so frustrated with everyone asking the same question and me jumping up and down, fairly much literally, unable to get them to hear me.  Maybe I should've resorted to ManLab's universal language and mimed pulling my pants down and squatting...  And I can't sing along or shout or anything.  People think I am rude because I am not talking - it is not that I don't want to talk to them but I can't.  And then they think it is catching.  DH hasn't got it so far.  I think it is just me being special.

Skipley Spot, bred by a local enthusiast.
Not being able to communicate rapidly is driving me bonkers.  Writing is too slow, people have moved on by the time I've written something down.  I need to make a couple of appointments but my accent is already hard enough to understand on the phone (at least for various Americans, Aussies understand me just fine) without me being hoarse.

Flowers at the beach

I am so over being special.

I never knew how much I relied on my voice.


Sunset under Aurora Bridge

BTW, my hands have healed up nicely - I still have a bandaid (actually a waterproof Nexcare dressing) on the right one but it is looking good.  The bruise on my poor knee is fading but it still has a very tender spot.  I'm starting to think I was lucky not to fracture the knee cap.

Tide's coming in!

Anyway I am improving - I can now get out whole sentences without needing to puff for air, though I still can't laugh properly - I sound like I'm Muttley crossed with hiccuping.  My voice is less hoarse today though it still breaks like a teenage boy's but it is working better.  I can now walk faster than a granny on a zimmer frame and if I need to I can run a short, very short, distance.  I saw the chiro today and he did lots of work on relaxing my neck and shoulders, and my exercises all focussed on breathing correctly.  He suggested that I riled up my sympathetic nervous system when I took a dive and we already know I am a sensitive blasted petal.  There are days, many days, when I wish I was normal but let's face it, I'm not!

Still hooked on sunsets...
So things are getting better, slowly.  Next on my list of things to make is a couple of rice-filled heat packs now that I have some prewashed fabric to make them with.  I think they will be grand for various muscle tightnesses and for sinus pain - did you know that one particular set of muscles in the back of your neck can refer pain to your sinuses?  I have known this for ages because it is a muscle group that every chiro I've ever seen likes to get into and my poor cheek (maxillary) sinus whines like an unhappy dog when they do so.

Home grown!  Yum!

Overall, things are puttering along and starting to get back to normal.  I hope.

I might return with real actual crafting at some point!  Not just a couple of pics...


Monday, August 19, 2013

The excitement of being me, part II

G'day all!

What a fun time I've had recently!  I think I shall just launch into the current excitement.  Be warned, it is long, rambly and whiny.  TL;DR?  I'm whiny and pretty much housebound after weird allergy crap occurred and I can't do much knitting and my voice is shot.

My tomatoes!  So proud of them :-)
Friday I went to the doctor cos my sinus weirdness has not cleared up after two weeks (flying and many altitude changes may not have helped).  She prescribed antibiotics (ones I've taken before) and a nasal spray.

After that, I took the car to the dealer to get a software module upgraded in line with a recall (stability control could fail on full steering wheel lock - not when you want it to go!).  They said it would be ready in about four hours, so I skipped off down the street (not literally).  I walked sedately, watching the pavement because the footpaths and sidewalks in Seattle can leave something to be desired.

I love Rudbeckias
Because the sidewalk I was on seemed flat, I ignored it and looked up around me.  And that is when I found the only non-flat bit of pavement with my left foot.  Suddenly I was running down the street, trying to catch my balance.  I realised I couldn't regain anything - balance, dignity or composure - so I may as well fall over.  I had my phone in my hand, and effectively threw it down the street when my hand opened in preparation for landing, and then crash landed, grazing both the heels of my hands and my left knee (which is sporting a very pretty bruise).  I ended up flat on my face lying on the ground.

Gosh I felt like an idiot.

A woman at the nearby intersection asked if I was ok.  I got up and dusted myself off, picked up my phone, said "I will be" and then looked at the mess I'd made of my hands (particularly the hand with lymphedema).  I won't explicitly state what I saw but I did get a bit worried.  So I took off for the closest Bartell's and asked if I could use the washroom there before buying some medications to clean myself up.  Alas, upon washing my hands I realised that I needed to get gravel picked out so I headed off to another branch of the same doctors that I had visited in the morning.

I may like Rudbeckias a whole lot
even upside down looking ones

A nurse there said I needed to see a doctor but they were all booked out.  She arranged for me to see a doctor at their main branch and also a taxi to get me there (!!!!  I'll add a few more !!!! cos I was amazed.  Nurse Diane was very, very helpful.).  Unfortunately the taxi took 25 minutes  and I only had to go 0.7 of a mile - I could've walked that in much less time.  I was then late, of course, but the doc could see me anyway.

They aren't all just plain yellow petals 
with dark centres

Getting wounds flushed with saline and the gravel picked out stings quite a bit.  I may have danced quite a bit and blathered even more.  I blather when I'm nervous.

Hand wounds are blasted annoying.  It is very hard to keep dressings on skin that sweats and moves so much - hands are very flexible.  I can't do any cleaning involving water because I have to keep the dressings dry and I can't get rubber gloves over the dressings without pulling them off.  (I can't buy bigger gloves - I already take larges and the US doesn't stock XL - weird, huh?)  DH is on kitchen and cooking duty but he's not much chop at cleaning up after himself.  Even after watching Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, he still doesn't realise you have to wipe things down and clean them.  I can't just grab the sponge and clean like I normally would.  I can't manipulate certain things that press on the heels of my hands cos I took a fair whack of skin off and they are tender.  And I have to be really careful about developing infection in my lymphedematous hand.

So I've been whiny about that.

I even forgive them for being
Hawthorn coloured

But it gets worse.

On Sunday, I was walking up the hill to look at Viking Days or whatever it is at the Nordic Heritage Museum when I realised that I couldn't breathe properly.  Indeed I was not breathing at all well.  A little bit of a panic and some carefully measured panting and I felt better, so I kept going (cos that is what one does!).  Then I came home and things just kept feeling worse.  Talking was almost impossible, swallowing was dicey and when I went to walk to the supermarket with DH I realised I had some real problems.  I couldn't get enough air to walk up a slight incline.

Proof that I am pigheaded

So I went home, rang the nurse line and when DH got back, took myself off to ER in the car.  (DH can't drive the car cos I got a manual, not an auto.)

They didn't know what is wrong with me either but a nebuliser of ventolin and some prednisone later, I could breathe without wheezing and was more able to swallow.  I still had no voice though.  They suggested I stop taking the antibiotics in case it was them but thought it was more likely to be an environmental allergen.

Penstemons are lovely
But Denver Daisies are cooler

It's a day later and I still don't have a voice and I still have very little aerobic capacity.  I have to be careful drinking water as I can choke on it (it reminds me of being on chemo - not a fun thing to remember!).   My cough is weak, probably due to the laryngitis-thing.  I can breathe in and out deeply but not quickly, even after taking a hit of ventolin (which makes me shakey cos I overdose on it easily).  I think the voice thing is interfering with my breathing and I also wonder if I am panicking a bit and remembering how not to breathe - I used to get bad asthma with I was a kid, bad enough that I had house visits from my doc (I found out much later that he was one of the state's top paediatricians) in the middle of the night.

My doctor said to stay off the antibiotics and take it easy for a couple of days.  Oh and to avoid talking.  That is mostly easy since if I'm housebound, I don't see anyone to talk to.  If I've still got problems in a couple of days, come and see her.

I've been fond of them ever
since we lived in Fort Collins

Because I can't blather out loud, I'm blathering online instead.  I need to blather a bit to get rid of the words in my head and some of the nervousness I feel about not being quite right.

Man, I hate being sick.  I don't feel sick (though my sinuses hurt) but if I get up and start doing something more energetic than unloading and reloading the dishwasher, I feel like I can't breathe.  My brain isn't telling me I'm sick.  My body isn't telling me I'm sick, well not until I try to do stuff.  And a little paranoid part of me is saying it is a cancer thing, that it is back, and I really don't want that!  But I have to be patient and wait and see if it clears.  Anyone who knows me will guess I am a terrible patient - I am impatient!  I push the boundaries cos I hate being sick.  I was sick so much as a kid that I hate being sick now - I won't stay in bed unless I literally cannot move.  Even if I'm only able to camp on the couch or on my chair in front of the computer, I do that.

Even blurry shots are better
than no pics of Rudbeckias

I hope that finishing off two quilt backs and doing some knitting and reading nearly every last thread on Ravelry (or so it seems) is taking it easy.  And cleaning up the kitchen a bit.  I have no idea how I'll keep myself occupied tomorrow.  I have heaps of pics.  I should be doing work but we'll see if I'm up for it.  It is desk bound and doesn't just much more than brain cells.

I said I would make a couple of blocks up for a challenge and they are done but alas I can't get to the post office.  Am getting really peeved with this and it's only been a day.

An old favourite block
My first ever flying geese

I hope I can start pulling a couple of tricks soon, or maybe I've used up my luck by getting a couple of double yolkers recently.

Mmmm, breakfast!

I'm slowly getting pics up on my Flickr stream.  If you are a bit of a rock hound or fascinated by geology, these early ones have a lot of interesting formations in them - the canyons of the Front Range are fascinating!  Maybe that will entertain me tomorrow.  We have many many many pics on the big camera - more than on my phone and I had over 2Gig of pics on the phone...


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Letting go a long held dream

G'day all!

In early December six years ago, we packed up our home in Fort Collins and got on a plane to Canada for a short adventure there before moving to San Jose in California.

At the time I vowed to myself that I'd return.

And last week, I did.  (We did.)

I can't describe the visceral thrill I felt when I saw the Ft Collins sign on I70 going into Denver.  I was so excited about going back.  The closest I can describe is it's like seeing the sign for your favourite holiday location from when you were a kid.  For me that was Lakes Entrance in Victoria, Oz.  When I even just think of Lakes Entrance, I think of cinnamon donuts, mini golf, loooooong golden beaches and salty air (and not just from my father swearing the place blue).

Fort Collins was one great long summer for me.  We moved there just after midsummer's day and I was enchanted by everything about it.  I didn't have a car so I had to walk, take the bus, or (after we bought bikes) ride my bike around the place.  We got a bike trailer pretty quickly so I could haul loads (not kids) of shopping easily.  We lived near a creek (Spring Creek) and I soon discovered that it had crawdads living in it (by the simple fact of seeing them squashed flat on the bike path that crossed the creek).  Oh happy hours of watching crawdads and trying to stop them getting run over by bikes.

There's a crawdad in that water
I got sunburnt.  I was hailed on.  I saw magnificent sunsets, and as the days got shorter and fall made its presence felt, just as magnificent sunrises.   The creek flooded, twice.

I had little in the way of friends, and no responsibilities beyond making house and keeping food on the table.  It was one of the best summers of my life despite me hardly knowing anyone and us not having much in the way of cash to splash.

So going back was good.  Better than good.

Sculpture in Old Town

The parts of Fort Collins that I used to frequent aren't substantially changed.  There's some new buildings in old town but they are much better than having empty blocks. 

People like to hang out in Old Town.

My favourite shops are still there.  Nathan's favourite coffee shop is still there.  My Sister Knits was my LYS and it is still there.  Lambspun is still there.  I managed to stop myself from going into the plant nurseries that I liked so much.  Wholefoods is still in the same place, Sunflower Market is now Sprouts but it is still there, and there is a new one down in the "new" development on E Harmony.  The Loopy Ewe moved to Fort Collins, and I am sooooo very glad we don't live in Fort Collins any more because we would be paupers (but I'd be rich in wool!).  It was amazing how many familiar things were still around and how I could ignore the things that weren't familiar.

Old fire house.

Something I had forgotten is that despite being a college town, Fort Collins is not overly blessed with a variety of ethnic foods.  There's plenty of chains and plenty of cheap places catering for students but not so many interesting places to eat.  After a few days in Cheyenne, we were ready for something that was not a burger place, a bar and grill, a steakhouse or a brew pub.  Not that Fort Collins is blessed with breweries - why no, it isn't with only New Belgium, Odell's, Fort Collins Brewery, Coopersmiths', a host of others and umm, dare I mention it, Budweiser?  (I also thought Coors was "brewed" nearby too - am I wrong?)

Some of the test garden.  So bright and pretty!

Anyway, it still was glorious and I feel like I've had some closure on it - I have been back, it is wonderful but I think I'm better off in Seattle.  I was so looking forward to coming back to Seattle and enjoying some of the best summer weather in the States and being able to get really good Mexican, Thai and Indian food.

More of the test garden

Ha on the weather front.

Of course Seattle welcomed us back with one nice day, then the weather has gone kaput.  It rained last night, it rained and was grey all day today until sunset.  It seems we missed summer - that was last week.  The forecast doesn't get above 23C for the next ten days - like DOOOD!  I want more summer!  Bring back my summer!

Old Town landscaping.
Then again, there haven't been any massive thunderstorms here or tornado warnings so again, I guess I am better off, right?


Monday, August 12, 2013

The excitement of being me

G'day all!

I haven't blogged for a while.

I've been away.

I try not to advertise when I'm away, though anyone following me on G+ whom I've encircled will know where I've been.

But first, I want to tell you about the excitement of being me.

Upon our return from places not so far, the first thing we were greeted with was this:

You have to be joking!

We are some of the abovementioned tenants.  We have been paying our share of the utilities each month but it seems that our property managers have not been paying Seattle Public Utilities (SPU!  hahahahaha)...  Hmm...  We have small recourse - if the water does get turned off then we can charge the property managers $100 a day (or part thereof) and all costs of arbitration.  I'm pretty sure we could also break the month to month lease but that would mean finding a new place at short notice.  I've sent an email to our property manager rep but have not heard back from him.

Then the second fun thing?

Getting a recall notice on the car.  Apparently if I have the front wheels at full lock, the stability control may not function.  I have to take the car in to get that fixed at the dealer.

The third fun thing?

Getting in the car tonight to drive across to craft night in Capitol Hill.  Turn the key, dashboard lights come on and then nothing.

Battery is flat.

I remembered that one of my friends said the battery in her car (same make and model) is woeful and has been boosted a couple of times, and her car is maybe 14 or 15 months older than mine.  Anyway, I had to get roadside assistance out to get my car started.  The RA guy was in a 323 sedan with swish mags (very different from the roadside assistance in Oz, where the guy pulls up in a ute of variable age and cleanliness) and had a very nifty little battery pack thing - lithium I'm guessing cos it was about the size of a small laptop bag - that gave enough juice to the battery to get the car started after less than a minute of charging.

So I'm missing craft night and our friends are coming over this way for dinner.

I can hear a car that won't start at this very minute.  It isn't mine - it doesn't have the right cranking sound.

Anyway, where did we go?

A few months ago, DH came to me with a list of places where his work will send him to do interviewing.  Chattanooga (Tennessee), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), NYC (umm in New York, unlike Idaho City which is in Colorado... or the Arkansas River, also in Colorado), Cheyenne (Wyoming) and Dallas Fort Worth (Texas).

Cheyenne is not very far at all from Fort Collins in Colorado, where we lived for five months.  I always wanted to go back and hooray!  We were off to Cheyenne and DH took some leave so we could have two weekends and a couple of extra days away.  We chose to get a rental car at Denver international airport and drive up rather than pay an extra $600 each (work would pay for DH's airfare) to do a half hour hop in a small plane.  There's lots to see between Denver and Cheyenne as long as you don't mind going the long way.

Words cannot describe my excitement when we went to pick up the rental car and I saw the signs on the airport road and then I70 saying "Ft Collins".  It was a visceral thrill to go back - I remember when we left and flew to Canada to get new visas that I swore I would return, one day, and that day was fast approaching.

Our car was black, woe and betide us because the Colorado sun is fierce.  A very pretty black with purple and green sparkles in it.  I became more and more pleased with the car (despite its boot/trunk having a woefully small opening - getting the suitcase in was difficult! and the hinges in the boot were massive), particularly when I discovered that I could change the mileage and outside temperature info to metric measures - L/100km and Celsius.  Plus over the trip, it averaged around 6L/100km (about 39mpg) even though we did a lot of mountain climbing in it.  (It was a 2013 Ford Focus sedan, for those interested.)

We shoved our gear into the car after getting ripped off by the limo driver (we were quoted $41 to get into Denver itself and paid $65 after he drove us down south and then back up into the city - we dunno if he was deliberately ripping us off or if he didn't understand what we told him.  We have Aussie accents and his Italian sounding accent was very thick) and took off for the hills.  Literally.

I have so many pics from the phone (around 2 GIG worth!) that I can't share them all in one post.  I can't distill down the very best pics for just one post.  You'll have to cope with a number of posts.  There's over 14Gb of pics from the big camera for me to go through but DH insisted on doing HDR set up so quite a number of the pics are three different exposures of the same shot.

So in this post, I'll just share my new stash with you.  I did go to one quilt shop but forgot to take pics of my cash splash there.

Hmm, shoulda rotated this one...
My Sister Knits was my LYS in Fort Collins.  I would ride my bike up there on Tuesday nights for knit night.  There was usually a train that came through town (literally - it runs down the middle of the road ) on Tuesday nights not long after knit night broke up and I would regularly speed past the train and get ahead of it - the train has to travel at about 10mph when it is travelling through the middle of the road - so that I could get across to my side of Fort Collins before I had to wait for the mile long train to pass.  Seriously.  Freight trains are about a mile long in the States.  It is a long time to wait for the train to pass.  Anyway, I bought some pretty Swans Island naturally dyed merino (both with indigo in them) and a cashmere sock blend yarn there.  And I had a good chat at knit night - the owner recognised me but couldn't remember my name.  That was ok - it was nearly six years ago when we left.

Local yarn!  Bought in Cheyenne, Wyoming
I found locally grown and produced yarn in Cheyenne, plus some bright stuff.  There's two balls of the pink/lime/cyan Bamboo Pop but I've already started knitting one of them.

Oh gosh, I've forgotten the shop's name.
Ewe something in Cheyenne.

Nebraskan yarn bought from
Brown Sheep's mill.
Upside down - ahem.  Stupid phone.
Whilst DH was busy doing business, I drove out to Nebraska.  I wanted to see Scotts Bluff again (an important feature on the Oregon Trail) and Brown Sheep just happens to be less than ten miles away so... More seconds for me!

The purple laceweight yarn - close to
true colour.

Another upside down pic - you guys can
read upside down, right?
 I bought yarn online from The Loopy Ewe some time ago, and when I found out they are now in Fort Collins and have a shop front, I was extremely happy that I don't live there any more.  If there's anything that is more seductive for a yarn junky than looking at yarn online, it is looking at the same yarn in person.  Various of the yarn I bought there will self-stripe.  I wish I could do some dyeing - I liked setting up self-striping yarn, but it takes a fair whack more effort.  Finding the place was more difficult than it should have been - my phone thought I was in a trailer park and I misread the instructions and drove into the trailer park instead of driving about 300 yards to my destination.  A friend had given me excellent instructions on how to find the shop and it was very helpful cos it ain't easy to find :-)

Closeup of pretty sock yarn :-)

I also visited Lambspun, where I bought some of their own hand-dyed stuff (50:50 silk/merino), some yarn for a face washer (aka a wash cloth) and two hanks of silk.  I mostly visited Lambspun when I had a car as it was a little bit further away and getting there required riding my bike along faster, scarier roads than My Sister Knits.  And The Loopy Ewe was in St Louis then, which is a fair bit of a ride away.  The funny thing is that there is a cafe attached to Lambspun and I never ate there, but it turns out it is one of the favourite local cafes according to Yelp.

Such me colours.  So very me....
So that is the stash round up.  I have lots more to share about this trip and the resolution/completion that has come out of it.  Hopefully I'll have time to share them with you soon!