Thursday, November 24, 2011

I hate my left foot

G'day all!

Actually, I lie.  I only apparently hate my left foot.  I really very much like my left foot.  It is very handy to walk on a foot.  (Two feet are even better as long as they are shared equally between my two legs.)  My left foot is more shapely than my right foot.  It is even more shapely at the moment, after I viciously brutalised it on the locking wheel of the chiro couch yesterday and then whanged two toes on the edge of the shower today after tangling in the shower curtain (why yes, I am talented!).  It is also prettier colours than my right foot.

But I can walk and run on it so the damage is fairly cosmetic I think.  I hope.  I wonder if I will damage it a third time later today or tomorrow?

I have been crafting!  Will miracles ever cease?

When the going gets tough, the tough get knitting.  I had been avoiding knitting cos I thought it was making my lymphoedema worse.  Well if I am wearing my compressive sleeve, yes it does.  But if I don't wear the sleeve?    Also the puffy hand I've had trouble with is slowly de-puffing and is much happier if I don't wear the sleeve.

So, I have knitted a top out of yarn I bought in California and knitted two fronts and a little bit of the back of a new cardigan.  I'm too stupid to have taken pics yet and the weather is lousy.  At least it seems to have stopped raining now - it's rained almost non-stop since Monday afternoon (it is Thursday afternoon here) and I'm getting a little over it.  I do have a little sneak peek of the cardie though:
(picot edge, backing done in left over sock yarn!)

Knitting is relatively easy to get pics of in the wild, unlike quilt tops....

The tough also start cutting into favourite quilt material and making quilt tops.  I've made three tops in the last four weeks or so.  One quilt top is rather lurid but I think will be liked by a small girl who is into rainbow colours and brights (not me!  I am a big girl!)

and the other quilt top is a little more tasteful:

Do you like the sneak peaks and their artful perspective shots?  Alas the only times I have had a chance to get pics have been on windy days.  If it is still, it has been raining recently.  Summer in Sydney is like that (though it hasn't been very summery these last couple of days - it's been cold and wet).  Sydney is subtropical, almost, and gets scads of rain in summer but also gets cool changes with rain from the south.  It gets the worst of both worlds - summer humidity and all year round cool changes.

We had the cops at our block of flats on Sunday night.  I think it was Sunday.  I didn't notice at all.  I was sound asleep as someone's ex came by and made a helluva ruckus, banging on doors, yelling, etc.  I stayed sound asleep as the cops showed up and I remained sound asleep as he was dragged away.  I think I deserve a medal for being a champion sleeper.

Dangnabbit, I just broke the second last of my favourite plates, exactly the same way as the third last of my favourite plates, by putting it on the cooktop and not realising I had turned on the element under the plate rather than the element I wanted to turn on.  I hate electric stoves.  At least gas warns me when I do something stupid....


Monday, November 14, 2011


G'day all!

Sydney has pulled out a stinker today - 38C!  No wonder I am feeling a little hot under the collar, even though I am not wearing a collar....

I've been a bit quiet recently.  I've got a lot on my plate currently - travel last week, a whole of of disruption coming up that I cannot yet talk about.  Keeping secrets is so blah, at least this sort of secret.  Of course it might not happen either, so it makes it even More Mysterious!

(There's a few hundred of my "close personal friends" there.  The way people put themselves into other peoples' pictures indicated an intimacy unknown to the photographer.)

On the weekend, we went to Bondi to see Sculpture by the Sea.  We and about 5,000 other people.  I think I under-exaggerate.   There were people EVERYWHERE.


We saw some really nice sculptures and some that I rather wondered the point of.  I appear not to be into avant garde sculpture.  And some were "affordable" if you like that sort of thing and think $5,500  and upwards into the hundreds of thousands of dollars is "affordable."

But I am still editing the pics.  There are many many many pics, and that is only from the lot I took on my little point and shoot.  Nathan took hundreds on the dSLR, all HDR.   I'll get some more pics on Flickr soon.  I have a little preview on my Google + account.   I am putting little bits and pieces on that when I want to link to something quickly.

(that is a lot of green - green = algae = lots of yummies in the water.)

Bondi beach still whiffs at the end where it goes into the cliffs - it might be a stormwater drain empties there.    Apparently the sewage outfall got moved further out to sea, making your chances of meeting a Bondi cigar lower.   Bondi has long had a reputation for floaters and sinkers.  I could never work out which is worse - the horror you can see floating?  Or the one lurking on the sea floor, waiting to be squished between unsuspecting toes?

(Can you blame that bloke for standing on his surfboard?  He doesn't want to touch the water.  He knows what lurks just under the surface....)

(Ah, the forecast cool change has swept through.  Hooray!  It was only about 5 hours late.  And we had one of The Best Sunsets Evah tonight but I was at the swimming pool and did not have a camera.... sigh.  Egads, I am getting to know more about my neighbours than I'd like too.  Everyone's windows are open and some folks are getting quite umm close if you get my drift....)


Bondi is a fave place for tourists to hang out.  It does have a lot of places selling food, drink/grog, surfwear and bathers.  Like LOTs of bathers (togs, swimwear, cossies, bathing costumes, swimming trunks (men), etc).  Did we buy some more bathers?  Umm, that would be a yes....

The beach itself does look pretty.  It is also a good spot to go perv at some nice bods.  It isn't really my place - I refuse to try to suntan and umm, well the old bod looks best in a 50s number these days.  Something with lots of structure and not eensy weensy strings.



Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A black and terrible storm

Gday all!

I was hoping to fly out to Sydney this evening but well I think the attached pic tells a story...

All flights delayed and the storm is about an hour wide... dangit!


Friday, November 04, 2011

Hooray for a domestic

G'day all!

We are in sunny melbourne and within ten minutes of ferrying off the plane had a domestic.

I very clearly said I was intending to go to the loo, which I did.  Nathan headed that way too, only to the men's.

He disappeared.  I waited for the luggage, cos I wasn't leaving that behind and I thought he was in the loo still.

I could see there was a bus about to leave and I now had the luggage, but still no nathan.  I was waiting inside.  I hear my name, and nathan is outside. He had been buying tickets for the bus. I already had tickets for the bus.

We missed the bus. We had a domestic.

He expected me to just know that he was buying tickets.  Cos I am psychic, doncha know.

I thought he was still in the loo. After all we do have those sorts of days once in a while.

So now he is all huffy and stalked off because I'm not a mind reader. Yes he was doing a good thing but if he had said I'll go get tickets, if he had communicated with me, we wouldn't have a rather public row. And we'd be at the railway station by now.

And sniffle, my scissors were in my handbag and now I've lost them cos security took them away, and they were the best little scissors I ever had.


Thursday, November 03, 2011

Hooray, another year older

G'day all!

Hmm, maybe I should have given this blog entry the title "Boo, hiss, another year older..."


I am currently very much in two minds about this whole birthday thing.

a) I am very grateful to have managed to reach another birthday.  Five years ago I assumed that I would reach 80-something.  After the fun of the last couple of years, I'm grateful for every birthday I hit in apparently good health.


b) another birthday means I am getting older.  And I already feel like a wrinkly old bag some days, especially next to the lovely young things* that Nathan has as workmates.    Now people say they are not wrinkles, they are experience lines, so oh boy I must be rapidly gaining experience in this game of life!  And I can tell what expressions mainly cross over my face from the patterns that are worn in.  And I'm not fishing for compliments either, cos when people tell me I am beautiful, I know they are fibbing or extrapolating the truth somewhat.  Now if they said I am not bad for an old chook, I would get huffy and say I'm better than not bad and I'm not *that* old, but I know where I sit in the beauty stakes.  And that is fairly and squarely in attractive enough, not pretty nor beautiful nor gorgeous, and for that matter, not plain nor fugly.

(*I like to tease the LYTs - I like to tease people it turns out - but then I think about it and at their age would I have thought it was pretty freaky to have a married old bat teasing me?  Oh you bet your bottom dollar I would!  When I was 19 I though the 23yo who hung out with us was old!  So I can't imagine how old these 25yo kids think I am!  If any of you are one of those kids reading this, sorry, hope I'm not upsetting you!  Though the chiro was extremely flattering yesterday, bless his cotton socks.  He is also a kid.  And I called his flattery.  Anyway, I can't imagine what I'll be like if I manage to get to 80 or 90... I'll be outrageous!)


Speaking of beauty stakes, I haven't shown off my hair.  I think I will have to go bottle blonde.  Am sick of having dark blonde hair with red lights in it.  I got some blocks of hair bleached out last week and then had magenta dyed into it.  The magenta is pretty but I really liked the bleached look.  It made my face look so much lighter and brighter.  Apparently I am meant to be bright, light blonde.  Who knew?


We went for a lovely walk in Ku-Ring-Gai Chase national park on the weekend and the pics are from there.  We did the same walk as the whoopsy one we did last time, only in reverse and deliberately, with food and water this time, as well as a stop over at the kiosk in Apple Tree Bay.  My goodness, those 1.5 cans of lemon lime Solo went down a treat!


Alas one of the chaps with us was on call and even though most of the calls are not important, wouldn'cha know it, this time around it was something important.  And even though he had one or two bars on his phone, there was no internet.  Poor thing had to run all the way up the big long hill, only to find crap reception up there too!  It only got better when we got on the train, which you would think would kill connectivity (being a big faraday cage and all).


There is one critter I wish I'd gotten a picture of.  I kid you not, we saw a turtle!  A sea turtle.  It was not very big - not full grown but probably about 40cm across the shell.  It was swimming around in the inlet  (photo above, but not of turtle!) but by the time I'd gotten the lens cap off the camera, etc, it had dived and didn't come up again in my sight.  But I did get pics of a lyrebird:

and a goanna/monitor:

and a skink and bugs of different types.

Birthday party up here is tomorrow.  Then we're off to Melbourne for the weekend, a family thing on Saturday and a party at a friend's place, and then Sunday is either my family or off to a not-really ren fair.  Monday is filming for the training scenario I am working on, then more filming for other stuff on Tuesday and Wednesday, then I fly home (to Sydney).  It is confusing having two homes.